iOrgSoft Video Converter for Mac

Video Converter for Mac 7.0.12 Released

-- Aug 19,2016
  • 1.Upgraded the copyright date
  • 2.Removed warming misinformed by the antivirus program

Video Converter for Mac 7.0.6 Released

-- Jan 01,2015
  • 1.Fixed the bug of download

Video Converter for Mac 7.0.5 Released

-- Dec 31,2014
  • 1.Fixed the bug in Edit UI

Video Converter for Mac 7.0.3 Released

-- Dec 30,2014
  • 1.Mac OS X Yosemite compatible
  • 2.Amended the codec of AMV format

Video Converter for Mac 7.0.2 Released

-- Sep 17,2014
  • 1.Fixed the bugs in using the "ProRes" output preset

Video Converter for Mac 7.0.1 Released

-- Aug 21,2014
  • 1.Fixed several GUI bugs;
  • 2.Added "rotate" and "flip" features to the "watermark" function
  • 3.Added new supported video sites; fixed the YouTube downloading problem
  • 4.Fixed the mosaic bug occurred after the video de-interleaving

Video Converter for Mac 6.5.2 Released

-- Jul 05,2014
  • 1.Added new output format: AMV
  • 2.Added option for H.264-based videos to choose the output quality
  • 3.Added new supported video-sharing websites; adjusted the analytical algorithm of 100+ video-sharing websites
  • 4.Fixed the problem that some VOB files cannot be played/converted normally

Video Converter for Mac 6.5.1 Released

-- Jun 06,2014
  • 1.Enhanced the output quality of H.264-encoded videos
  • 2.Applied VDA video acceleration technique to H.264-encoded videos

Video Converter for Mac 6.4.1 Released

-- Apr 04,2014
  • 1.Added new output formats: .mp4(h.265), .mov(h.265)
  • 2.Will keep the video/audio metadata info after merging or splitting
  • 3.Added new encoder: VP9

Video Converter for Mac 6.3.1 Released

-- Mar 28,2014
  • 1.Added metadata modifier for MP4, MP3, MOV, WMV, WMA, M4A, M4V
  • 2.Added video "fade in", "fade out" effect
  • 3.Added new output format: *.mp4(cabac)
  • 4.Added 28 supported video-sharing website; adjusted the analytical algorithm of 100+ video-sharing websites

Video Converter for Mac 6.2.2 Released

-- Feb 20,2014
  • 1.Solved the failure problem in downloading YouTube videos

Video Converter for Mac 6.2.1 Released

-- Feb 17,2014
  • 1.Added new encoder: AIC
  • 2.Optimized the default settings of the profiles improved the output video and audio quality
  • 3.Added 36 supported video-sharing websites

Video Converter for Mac 6.1.1 Released

-- Jan 15,2014
  • 1.Retina Display supported
  • 2.Added new decoder: H.265, Apple Intermediate Codec (AIC), ProRes 4444, VP9
  • 3.Added new encoder: ProRes 4444, DNxHD
  • 4.upgraded encoder:VP8, VP9
  • 5.Adjusted the analytical algorithm of 100+ video-sharing websites
  • 6.Added 11 supported video-sharing websites

Video Converter for Mac 6.0.1 Released

-- Dec 18,2013
  • 1.Added "Video Downloader" function
  • 2.Added PCM codec to the MOV format
  • 3.Amended the codec of DivX format
  • 4.Added AC3 audio codec to the DivX format

Video Converter for Mac 5.2.11 Released

-- Nov 21,2013
  • 1.Mac OSX 10.9 Mavericks compatible
  • 2.Fixed several bugs

Video Converter for Mac 5.2.10 Released

-- Oct 17,2013
  • 1.Added new input video formats
  • 2.Added new input audio formats
  • 3.Added new input format filter for "All files"

Video Converter for Mac 5.2.9 Released

-- Sep 29,2013
  • 1.Optimized the de-interleaving intelligent judgment
  • 2.Solved the problem that some videos can only be played but not converted

Video Converter for Mac 5.2.8 Released

-- Aug 17,2013
  • 1.Add Support to iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, SamSung Galasy Note 3

Video Converter for Mac 5.2.7 Released

-- Aug 29,2013
  • 1.Modified the "Adjust Audio" function; fixed the bug of not able to enter the "Edit" panel to adjust audio effect
  • 2.Modified the "Rotate" function; fixed the bug of logic error in customizing resolution after rotating
  • 3.Add new function: add text watermark and image watermark
  • 4.Solved the problem of that after trimming, there remains sounds though setting the sound track as "Null" in the main interface

Video Converter for Mac 5.2.6 Released

-- Jun 27,2013
  • 1.Added 3D effects
  • 2.Added Fade in and Fade out effects
  • 3.Added audio settings
  • 4.Fixed the problem that some video and audio do not sync
  • 5.Fixed that right click gets no response
  • 6.Added SWF output format

Video Converter for Mac 5.2.2 Released

  • 1.Added new output format for Samsung Galaxy 4, PS4, Google Nexus 10, Sony Xperia
  • 2.Solve the problem that some videos cannot be added
  • 3.Fixed the problem that some video files cannot be converted successfully
  • 4.Added new import file format: AIF, VOB

Video Converter for Mac 5.2.1 Released

  • 1.Fixed problem that videos do not sync with audio when playing
  • 2.Fixed problem that videos do not sync with audio caused by trimming
  • 3.Cropping area more accurate
  • 4.No area missed when flips 90 or 270 degree
  • 5.No disorder occur to the file list on Trim, Split, and Edit window when the files are too many
  • 6.No abnormal
  • 7.No shutdown when crop some files
  • 8.No flicker when cropping videos
  • 9.Keep the cover when converting M4A, Mp3 and other audio files with cover

Video Converter for Mac 5.1.12 Released

  • 1.Fixed the sporadic error of the purchase button

Video Converter for Mac 5.1.11 Released

  • 1.Solved the problem that some videos are showed without sounds.

Video Converter for Mac 5.1.10 Released

  • 1.Fixed the problem that the output video for Final Cut Pro is oversize.

Video Converter for Mac 5.1.9 Released

  • 1.Added new import file format: PVR
  • 2.Added new output format for iPad with Retina

Video Converter for Mac 5.1.8 Released

  • 1.Added new formats: OGG/OGV/APE;
  • 2.Perform de-interlacing to make when converting the video clearer;
  • 3.Added support of Apple TV2/TV3

Video Converter for Mac 5.1.2 Released

  • 1.Listed all audio streams in the file for choice;
  • 2.Added new output formats for iPad Mini;
  • 3.Increased the stability of the software

Video Converter for Mac 5.0.5 Released

  • 1.Fixed minor bug
  • 2.Added the conversion to Kindle Fire HD 8.9'', Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire
  • 3.Added the output formats of HD, used on new relesed iPhone 5, iPod touch 5th Gen and iPod nano 7th Gen.

Video Converter for Mac 5.0.4 Released

  • 1.Fixed several effect bugs

Video Converter for Mac 5.0.3 Released

  • 1.Supported for Apple's New OS X Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8)
  • 2.Fixed several program bugs

Video Converter for Mac 5.0.2 Released

  • 1.Fixed problem with all buttons greyed out when draging file to the main windows
  • 2.Support new output audio format: .wma

Video Converter for Mac 5.0.1 Released

  • 1.Added the conversion to Android phone: Nexus one and Nexus S
  • 2.Add the output formats, used on the new Andriod tablet - Nexus 7

Video Converter for Mac 5.0.0 Released

-- May 13,2013
  • 1.Minor UI and interface improvements
  • 2.Increased the speed of conversion to any output format
  • 3.Improved software satbility
  • 4.Supported importing files via drag and drop
  • 5.Added the conversion to Samsung, Android phones, Windows phones, tablets, and media player
  • 6.Added new output formats: Apple ProRess 422, Apple ProRes 422 (LT), Apple ProRes 422 (HQ),Apple ProRes 422 Proxy, and Raw video;
  • 7.Added the options to create HTML5 video (Ogg Theora, WebM, H.264) from souce videos
  • 8.Added the conversion to WebShare: Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo etc.
  • 9.Add the output formats used on popular video editing software, like Final Cut Pro, Avid, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, iMovie etc.
  • 10.Added the ability to enable join videos, both to source videos and trimmed videos;
  • 11.Added the new feature of splitting videos via file durations or clips-averaging;
  • 12.Added the feature of rotate video
  • 13.Added the option to stop the conversion
  • 14.Resolve the issue with .m4v file decoding
  • 15.Fixed several minor bugs
  • 16.Supported for the Apple's new OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

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I’ m very happy to get this program. I love the good UI very much, it make all my converting jobs easy. Fast conversion from various videos to my iPad, and easily convert my old RMVB, MPEG videos to iMovie for editing. Batch converting feature and output quality is good.

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