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iPad News: Malware Threat Neutralised by Apple Patch

iPad News: Malware Threat Neutralised by Apple Patch

A particularly vicious piece of malware has been identified and neutralised by a patch released by Apple last week for its iOS3 and iOS4, affecting both the iPhone and iPad. Two separate problems within the operating systems allowed a loophole to be created, providing an entry point for the malware via PDF files. It meant that if a PDF file was downloaded, and an internal link was activated, the hacker was free to access the infected device in any way he chose.

Whether this security breach made vulnerable personal data such as financial details is unclear. However, Apple perceived this as a very serious threat and set about creating a protective solution as a matter of urgency. Developers at Apple took just over a week to come up with a patch, which was released for download last Thursday.

One of the risks you face if you choose to Jailbreak your iPhone or iPad is that the Apple may not work if the iOS3 or iOS4 has been compromised by the user. This malware takes particular advantage of a Jailbroken iPhone or iPad, so it may be in your best interest to close off the leak and properly restore your device, including this recently released patch. A choice needs to be made between data integrity guaranteed by Apple’s concrete-wall-enclosures, or the increased freedom of a liberated Jailbroken machine. Perhaps when a new Jailbreaking option is available, this may be used in more relative safety.

This is the second major attack on the iPad’s security measures since its release in April. The famous ‘theft’ of many 1,000’s of personal contact data by an internet security firm resulted in a frenzied batoning-down of Apple’s hatches and led to the arrest by the FBI of the hacker responsible. This second major attack should remind everyone that inspite of the great improvements in internet security and the famed Apple closed-system, no system is completely invulnerable from sophisticated and intelligent attack.

The necessary update can be found via an internet browser, so a visit to iTunes on your desktop is not required.

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