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Movies HD for iPad - App Review

If you happen to own a large collection of DVDs, a media center Mac/PC, or an Apple TV, you may want to check out Movies HD for iPad. Movies HD is a movie catalog application that helps you keep track of the movies you own. Movies are organized on shelves, similarly to iBooks, and the app lets you quickly add, find and view movies in your library.Adding movies is simple, as the app will help you find all the info you need by simply looking

for the movie title. Movies HD pulls the movie meta-data such as covers, actors and synopsis by dipping into online databases such as IMDb. Movies HD is also able to import databases coming from other similar desktop apps, such as Personal Video Database or DVD Profiler, or even from generic txt or csv files. One caveat though: if you happen to own a lot of movies, and never built your own movie database, the import process will likely be long and a bit painful.

The app also features nice add-ons, such as the use of cover flows in order to browse your movie collection - a great feature if you happen to have friends at home and want to let them pick the movie they want to watch. The app also lets you watch movie trailers, by automatically fetching them on sites like YouTube. Finally, if you don’t know what to watch, simply shake your iPad, and Movies HD will pick a movie for you.

What we liked: Well designed, convenient, and good at looking all the meta-information related to your movies.

What we didn’t like: Painful import process, especially if you do not already own a desktop movie manager. Would be a 5 stars app if the developer could find a way to tap directly into your media center database or Apple TV, without having to involve the user

.To buy or not to buy: If you happen to own tens or even hundreds of movies and are looking for a convenient way to browse your collection, and keep track of it, you should give Movies HD a shot.

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