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Top 10 Best Halloween Apps for iPad

Well, Halloween is just around the corner, you must have been searching neat Halloween apps for your iPad so that you can have an amazing Halloween Season. I've already picked up the top 10 best free Halloween iPad apps from zombies photos to creepy sound effects which will surely match your Halloween outfit. so enjoy!

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Top 1 of the Best Halloween iPad Apps: Halloween Wallpaper HQ ( link to Apple Store )
Halloween Wallpaper HQ is a great arrangement of the best and attractive Halloween wallpapers right on your iPad; No more slow loading problem, super fast - loading; All the top-10-best-halloween-apps-for-ipad are self-contained and always available for viewing; Save the top-10-best-halloween-apps-for-ipad to your library and set them as your own wallpaper.
Top 2 of the Best Halloween iPad Apps: Kids Finger Painting – Halloween( link to Apple Store )
Kids Finger Painting - Halloween is ideal for kids of all ages. The app is like no other, your kids can draw you a picture and child personalize it with a frame and their autograph! Choose from 10 different coloring pages to draw on. Including a blank page to draw whatever they like.
Top 3 of the Best Halloween iPad Apps: Decoretta Halloween 2010 Lite( link to Apple Store )
Decoretta lets you send fun-to-get messages to your friends on animated mail backgrounds. For Halloween, Decoretta is filled with templates of pumpkins and ghosts, gravestones and haunted houses. It’s so easy to pick a template, add your message, and send to your friends and loved ones. They will receive the messages on their iPhones and enjoy the fun and thoughtfulness.
Top 4 of the Best Halloween iPad Apps: iHalloween – Halloween Sound Collection( link to Apple Store )
creepy sound effects and horrifying music to your tales. Spook your classmates and co-workers in the classroom and the office unsuspectedly. Annoy your siblings out of bed with a screaming wake up call. The possibilities are endless with iHalloween sound collection.
Top 5 of the Best Halloween iPad Apps: Halloween Mask My Face( link to Apple Store )
Choose from 10 different Halloween masks, add one to any image for free! Halloween Mask My Face allows you to place a variety of Halloween masks onto top-10-best-halloween-apps-for-ipad and save them to share with family and friends! Loads/saves directly to your device; re-size and move masks anywhere on the photo; new rotate bar allows you to angle mask.
Top 6 of the Best Halloween iPad Apps: iAmZombie( link to Apple Store )
That's what your friends will say when they realize you've made them join the ranks of the walking dead. Use iAmZombie to zombify anyone around, your friend, your girlfriend, your dog or even yourself. Don't forget to post your zombie photos to Facebook, Twitter, or email them to your grandma for a good scare!
Top 7 of the Best Halloween iPad Apps: Halloween Skull( link to Apple Store )
Turn your iPad into a cool Halloween Skull.
Choose from tons of skulls and then customize it to be your very own.
Save it as wallpaper, share it with your friends on Facebook or via email or just leave it playing in the background like a fun screen saver.
Top 8 of the Best Halloween iPad Apps: Halloween Movie Vault – Scary Classic Horror Movies( link to Apple Store )
Halloween Movie Vault – Scary Classic Horror Movies puts over 100 horror films from the 1920s through the 1970s right on your iPad, ready for viewing via Wi-Fi or 3G. There are films by directors like Alfred Hitchcock, George Romero and Roger Corman, and stars including Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi and Vincent Price.
Top 9 of the Best Halloween iPad Apps: Vampire Origins RELOADED HD( link to Apple Store )
Vampire Origins Reloaded HD is a classic vampire game for the video game fiends just in time for Halloween. It is a highly acclaimed game made even better for the iPad. Just Play as Vincent, our  world-weary, recently resurrected hero. He’s back from the afterlife on a quest to avenge the death of his beloved – while keeping himself out of a coffin, one silver bullet at a time.
Top 10 of the Best Halloween iPad Apps: iSoundGrid - Halloween( link to Store )
iSoundGrid Halloween for iPhone and iPad will help to create the perfect haunted house ambience on All Hallow’s Eve. With 4 ambient sounds and 12 different audio effects, one can create a spooky mix of sounds sure to unnerve every Halloween visitor. This update to iSoundGrid Halloween contains completely overhauled graphics for the retina screen of the iPhone 4.

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