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Playback MPEG-1/MPEG-2 Muxed files

How to playback MPEG-1 /MPEG-2 Muxed file on Mac OSX?

What is Muxed MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 file?

A muxed MPEG-1 file, or mpeg2 file are files that has the video and audio tracks mixed together. Many video editing and playback programs do not like "muxed" MPEG files, where the video and audio tracks are interleaved. For example, the MPG video clips captured by Sony still handycam are in muxed MPEG-1 format. If they are played back by Quicktime player or imported into iMovie, the audio is completely lost.

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How to playback MPEG-1 /MPEG-2 Muxed file on Mac OSX Or Playback muxed mpeg file in .mpg format with QuickTime on Snow Leopard?

You can use either VLC player or Mplayer OSX (freeware); they can both get video and audio. In Quicktime, however, the video plays fine but no audio at all. Someone installed the QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback Component from Apple, but it is not free and it is not as popular as the former two players.

You can also download AVCHD converter for Mac, a free player on Mac OSX, the program can play not only mpeg-1 and mpeg-2 muxed file that in .mpg format, but also can play all the key formats without need to install any codecs. The advantage is that it can capture views when you enjoy the video and save as .JPG, BMP or PNG format.

How to convert muxed mpeg-1, mpeg-2 file on Mac OSX with hassle-free? What’s the best program to convert muxed mpeg/mpg file to MPEG-4, MOV, DV, AC3, AAC, or AIFF on Mac?

The worries that most converters (freeware or shareware) on the internet could be too complicated to use, or the loss of quality in the process of conversion or without getting enough customer service support could be the reason make people feel hard to choose the best program from. Mpg converter for Mac is a user-friendly, simple yet powerful program allows Mac users to play various video(include muxed mpeg-1, mpeg-2, file, MKV, avi, WMV, mpeg-4, mp4, HD video, AVCHD file, mts, m2ts, ts, tp, mod, tod, HD DV, Youtube (. flv), 3GP video, RMVB and .RM) and audio file( include AC3, AAC, or AIFF ,mp3, m4a and mka) on Mac for free. And all of the video/audio files it supports can be converted between on Mac smoothly without quality loss.

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To convert muxed Mpeg-1 and mpeg-2 file on Mac using AVCHD converter for Mac and convert video to mpg, mpeg-4 on Mac can never be simpler than a few mouse clicks. Mac AVCHD converter program enables users to customize resolution, bit rate, frame rate for the output video, meaning you have full control over video quality. You will enjoy free update service and excellent online customer service for free from Monday to Friday, 12 hours a day.

Using the best Mac OS X mpg converter to convert muxed mpeg-2 file. Mpg to iMovie mpeg-4 and edit mpeg-1, mpeg-2 file in iMovie on Mac.

According to Apple iMovie's spec, iMovie supports QuickTime video (.MOV), MPEG-4, DV, sometimes, 3gp and m4v. iMoves doesn't support muxed mpeg-1, mpeg-2 and MKV file on Mac, or it will only play the image not the audio. The trick is to convert muxed file mpeg-1 or mpeg-2 to MPEG-4 or DV using Mac mpg converter.

Convert muxed mpeg-1, mpeg-2 files .mpg to FCP (Final Cut Pro) on Mac OS using AVCHD converter for Mac.

Need to import and edit muxed mpeg file in FCP and make advanced video changes by Final Cut Pro or Final cut Express? The bad news is that FCP doesn't accept muxed mpeg-2 file either. Most mpeg-2 muxed file are created by Sony camcorders that ends in .mpg file, and FCP likes DV, HD DV or AVCHD file ( on Intel-Processor only). AVCHD converter for Mac can convert mpeg-2 muxed file. mpg into DV and HD DV format that FCP imports. Most importantly, the program can run on PowerPC Mac, Intel Mac, Snow Leopard version 10.4 -10.6 or higher.

Burn Muxed Mpeg-2 file into DVD by using iDVD on Mac OSX.

Working with MPEG-1 muxed media files can be tricky but it can be easier using a tool called AVCHD converter for Mac. Every multimedia specialist should have this tool available. You will be able to find detailed step by step instruction on how to use the.

iDVD lets you burn your project to DVD so you can share it with friends and family. iDVD is compatible with some video camera but not from Sony Still Handy-camera that records muxed mpeg-2 file. AVCHD converter for Mac can convert mpeg-2 file to mpeg-4 on Mac for authoring DVD using iDVD.

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