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Burn Flip videos to DVD movies

Burn flip video to dvd movies on windows with DVD Maker(Free Flip Video to DVD Creator)

FAQ about burn flip video to dvd using DVD maker.

1:I want to transfer flip video to DVDs that will be viewable on our home & portable DVD players. Can someone please explain to me in the simplest terms how to do this?

2: Looking for a good free dvd burning program that i can use to burn my flip video to dvd, any suggestion, tks?

3: My flip camera save video in mp4 format, i have Nero and DVD maker, but can be rendered, it says the file type is not supported, any way?

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To be frank, there are many free dvd burner on windows, say dvd decryptor, nero, dvd flick, dvd maker etc. However, no all video formats can be accepted by them, say DVD maker often work with wmv files, other formats like flv, swf, 3gp etc may not.

Windows DVD Maker, available in Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Vista Ultimate, gives you the tools to create professional-looking video DVDs that can be played using DVD playback software or standalone consumer DVD player. In some ways, it is comparable to iDVD in Mac OS X.

Flip video from flip Ultra(HD), Mino(HD), SlideHD always HD mp4, not the best suit formats for DVD Maker, some even can not be accepted by it directly, if so the simplest way is to convert flip video to wmv etc, then import ripe flip video to dvd maker for burning dvds.

Iorgsoft flip video to dvd maker converter supports convert flip video to wmv, hd wmv etc, just three simple but useful steps: add files→set output→convert, detail guide and more function about flip video to DVD maker converter

burn flip video to DVD with Free flip to dvd creator

The following steps explain how to use Windows DVD Maker to burn flip video to DVD.

burn flip video to DVD with Free flip to dvd creator

1:Open Windows dvd maker:Click Start, click All Programs, then click Windows DVD Maker.

2:Add and arrange items on a dvd: Click "Add items". Locate and select flip video files that you want to add to your DVD, and then click Add.

Tips: Remove an item from the DVD: select the item you want to remove, and then click Remove items.

3:Choose a dvd burner and enter a dvd title:select the DVD burner that you want to use from the DVD burner list, Click the Disc title box, and then type a title for the dvd.

4:Change the menu text for your DVD: customize the text for the DVD menu, click Menu text, and then do one or more effect, like Font Color, Bold, Italics, Scenes etc, then Click Change Text. Preview allowed.

5:Customize the menu style for your dvd:Click the Scenes button styles box, and then select the shape for the scenes buttons on your DVD.

6:Choose the settings for a slide show

7:Burn your DVD, More steps just click here.

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