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Import TOD to Sony Vegas for editing

How to import TOD to Sony Vegas for editing?

TOD to Sony Vegas converter converts TOD video files Video file captured by a JVC Everio video camera, such as the GZ-HD3 and GZ-HD7 to WMV/MPG for editing with Sony Vegas.

TOD to Sony Vegas converter converts JVC TOD video files shot by JVC Everio TOD Camcorders-- GZ-HD7 (HDD, SD/SDHC card), GZ-HD3, GZ-HD5, GZ-HD6, GZ-HD30, GZ-HD40 (HDD, MicroSDHC card, dual TOD and AVCHD recording) to WMV/MPG for importing to edit with Sony Vegas 7, Sony Vegas Pro 8.0. TOD to Sony Vegas converter also assist you to convert TOD to FLV for YouTube uploading, convert TOD to MOV for QuickTime playback, convert TOD to MP4 for iPod/iPhone/Apple TV backup, convert TOD to WMV for Windows Movie Maker(WMM).

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It is widely known that TOD is actually JVC?s name for the MPG format, due to copyright issues. If you change the file extension to MPG, the renamed file allows the videos to be played in Windows Media Player. However, when you try to import it into Sony Vegas it says that the file format is damaged. Under this condition, you are thirsty to convert TOD to Sony Vegas workable formats. Here comes TOD to Sony Vegas converter for all the converting and transferring task.

What do you know about JVC Everio TOD?

In January 2007 JVC announced its first high definition tapeless consumer camcorder, Everio GZ-HD7, which could record 1080i MPEG-2 video to either built-in hard disk drive or an SD memory card. Data rates, frame rate and frame size matched or exceeded parameters of HDV video. This format is known as TOD. JVC was the only supporter of TOD formats which is compatible with AVCHD but cannot be directly played on consumer video equipment.

FAQ about transfer TOD video files to Sony Vegas for editing on Vista
Q1. When I try to import my TOD Everio videos into Sony Vegas 7.0, they never have video only sound and I usually have to render them with a different program before I can put them in Sony Vegas, but this takes longer and lowers the quality. Any one helps?

Q2. I have a converted video from JVC camera in AVI format and it doesn't work with Sony Vegas. I can only get the video but no audio. Help?

Sony Vegas importing TOD video files converter install numerous codec to encode JVC TOD video clips to popular AVI/MPG/WMV/MP4/FLV/3GP/SWF for Sony Vegas/Windows Movie Maker/ Adobe Premier/Final Cut Pro.

Windows TOD to Sony Vegas converter supports to input TOD files (TOD), MOD files (MOD), DVD VOB files (VOB), MKV files (MKV), QuickTime files(MOV), MPG/MPEG2 (MPG) and MPEG-4 files (MP4) for converting into Sony Vegas AVI/WMV/MPG. Converting tool TOD to Sony Vegas enables JVC Everio video files to be transferred into portable device for backup like iPod, iPhone, Sony PSP, Creative Zen, Zune, Blackberry, Creative Wii, Samsung Propel, Google Nexus One and iRiver.

The main feature of TOD to Sony Vegas converter to convert TOD video files to Sony Vegas formats.
1. Input video formats

2. Output video formats

3. Output image formats

4. Merge files
Combine all files into one

5. Rotate videos
Flip videos upside down and left to right

6. Crop
Cut off black sides and unwanted parts

7. Trim
Trim off time length segments

8. Add effects
Add Saturation, Brightness and Contrast

9. Advanced setting
Define video Encoder, Resolution, Frame Rate and Bit Rate

Step by step tutorial for importing JVC Everio TOD to Sony Vegas by converting TOD to WMV/AVI/MPG.


download TOD to Sony Vegas converter and install


import JVC TOD video files into converter


crop, trim and add effects


select output format and destination


start TOD to Sony Vegas conversion on windows

Import TOD to Sony Vegas for editing

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