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Edit JVC Everio tod files.

Convert JVC everio tod to avi wmv mpg mov flv, import tod to Sony Vegas FCE.

TOD files won't play on any player?
Recently purchased a JVC HDD HD camcorder and you're trying to figure out how to deal with the .TOD file format it records in? TOD has the same file extension with MPEG2 format, the problem is that you can't get the files to play on the computer; I have found several free players for Windows as well as Mac:
1) MPlayer OS X
2) iOrgsoft TOD video Player
3) VLC Media Player

Windows Version

Secure Download

Mac Version

Secure Download

TOD are informal names of tapeless video formats used by JVC,) and Canon (MOD only) in some models of digital camcorders. Format names correspond to extensions of video files

Video file captured by a JVC Everio video camera, such as the GZ-HD3 and GZ-HD7; saved in a proprietary format that can be viewed using the Cyberlink software included with JVC video cameras.

Recent versions of other video-editing programs may also be able to import TOD files (see below); the included Cyberlink PowerDirector application can import TOD files and export them as .MPG files, which are viewable by most video-editing programs.

Poor Windows Movie Maker and other low priced and lower featured video editors don't support TOD files. Changing the .tod file extension does not work.

Unfortunately JVC Everio series cameras (like many of the newer HDD cameras) record and save the files as .TOD files which poor old Moviemaker and other low priced and lower featured video editors don't support. You may be able to find some shareware converters out there on the net, iOrgsoft JVC TOD converter is one of the best tod (mpeg-2) to avi wmv mpg converter I have known so far and it is the one I'm using every day. You can download footage from JVC camera to your PC or Mac, then import tod to the tod converter program, simple and powerful to use.

if you intend doing a bit of editing and are after something with more features than Moviemaker (and also accepts MOD files) and feel you can pay less than $35 with tax free for software like iOrgsoft Video Converter that will allow you to have multiple video files batch converted like convert tod/mod to mov, avi, wmv, mpg, mp4, flv or 3gp, extract audio from video save as mp3, aac, ac3, flac, mka, add effects (brightness, contrast) and edit TOD and MOD through cutting and merging, unrelated contented from the beginning and ending part can be cut out, then combine clips into whole file.

Other software such as Sony's Vegas will also accept TOD/MOD files without conversion though it is more expensive. Corel's newer Video Studio X2 accepts TOD/MOD files too - I haven't tried this one but free trial version is available from Corel website (most trial versions either watermark your videos or don't allow you to save more than a certain time length), of course they cost too much money if you are not under tight budget.

Don't throw your JVC camera away - get some good editing software iOrgsoft TOD/MOD files Editor instead

I have tested several times on iOrgsoft TOD file Editor myself which runs smoothly on Windows 7 and Vista without compatibility issue. It's absolutely clean, fast and simple to use and there are detailed step by step instruction you can refer to, you can also contact their customer service online to solve your problem in real time.

iOrgsoft TOD file converter and tod converter are certified software program by Regnow, an industry leader in providing e-commerce processing services and online credit card processing for vendors and authors of PC and Macintosh, it is also a reseller that provides secure online ordering to allow consumers to purchase products online that are created by software companies

How to use iOrgsoft TOD converter for Windows to convert, edit tod file?


Download and install TOD Video Converter

Free download the latest version 4.0.1 of TOD Video Converter from our website, install and run it, you will see the main interface as follows:

Convert JVC everio tod files with TOD Video Converter


Load JVC TOD files

click either File on the left top of the panel or Add Video button to browse your computer hard disk to import your desired files. As batch mode is supported, you can import a bunch of files at one time.

Convert JVC everio tod files with TOD Video Converter


Convert JVC TOD files

After all the needed settings have been done, click Start to start converting automatically. The video will be automatically directed to the place you previously specified.

Convert JVC everio tod files with TOD Video Converter

If you use Apple Mac OS, please download iOrgsoft TOD converter for Mac here

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