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Burn DVDs with Windows DVD Maker (Windows 7)

When comes to making DVDs on Windows 7, the first thing that comes to your mind must be Windows DVD Maker. Windows 7 comes with Windows DVD Maker by default. It allows Windows 7 users create DVDs from their favorite movies, their own home-made videos and digital photos so that they can view them on a computer or on a TV via regular DVD player.

As a very nice and practical burning tool, Windows DVD Maker owns a Wizard-based interface which lets novice home users handle it easily. When you add files to the software, it allows you to see the amount of time remaining on your DVD project so that you can monitor how much space is available. Smartly, when you import a bunch of pictures into the software, they will automatically appear as a slideshow. Additionally, it enables you to create DVD title, to change the order of the files you've imported, to change the drive where you have DVD burner, to add music and to customize your DVD menu (menu style and menu text)

However, many people come across the same problem when trying to burn DVDs with Windows DVD Maker: they can't import some types of video files into the software for burning. That's because Windows DVD Maker has a limit on video file formats.

Supported Video Formats
'.asf', '.avi', '.dvr-ms', '.m1v', '.mp2', '.mp2v', '.mpe', '.mpeg', '.mpg', '.mpv2', '.wm', and '.wmv'
Supported Audio Formats
'.aif', '.aifc', '.aiff', '.asf', '.au', '.mp2', '.mp3', '.mpa', '.snd', '.wav', and '.wma'.Other Video and Audio Options
Supported Picture Formats
'.bmp', '.dib', '.emf', '.gif', '.jfif', '.jpe', '.jpeg', '.jpg', '.png', '.tif', '.tiff', and '.wmf'

We can see that Windows DVD Maker accepts video input only from Microsoft itself. Formats like MOV, FLV, VOB, MKV, AVCHD (MTS/M2TS), MXF, XAVC, MOD, etc are not supported by the software.

Even though it claims support .avi, it supports only some type of AVI. AVI is a container that contains various video codecs. So, when Windows DVD Maker rejects your AVI, it is because your AVI files are encoded with codecs that Windows DVD Maker doesn't support.

To solve this problem, an easy solution is to convert the unsupported video format to Windows DVD Maker natively supported formats like WMV, MP4, etc. Alternatively, you can go for various DVD burning software.

To convert unrecognized video formats to Windows DVD Maker, we recommend you the iOrgSoft Video Converter which supports a large amount of video input and output. It supports almost all existing video formats on input side, and it supports regular outputs like AVI, MP4, MPG, WMV, etc. With it, you can solve the video incompatible issue to Windows DVD Maker with great ease.

If you are not that crazy about Windows DVD Maker, you might as well try the iOrgSoft DVD Maker instead. iOrgSoft DVD Maker accepts many video formats as input, so, it combines Video Converter and Windows DVD Maker into one, able to complete the video conversion and DVD video burning. Also, it allows users to customize the DVD menu, to add menu title, to add music, and to change buttons of DVD menu, etc. What's more, it offers editing tools like trimming, cropping, watermark, rotating, etc to edit your imported video before burning to DVD. Besides, it is able to burn videos not only to DVD disc but also to ISO files while Windows DVD Maker only burns video to DVD disc.

Note: However, the DVD Maker is not able to burn photos to DVDs. This function might be added to the program in the future.


iOrgSoft DVD Maker

iOrgSoft DVD Maker offers an easy way to burn DVDs from home-made videos or videos downloaded from video sharing websites.

  • Convert and burn videos in various file formats like FLV, AVI, MKV, MOV, MTS, MXF, etc to DVD
  • Burn videos to DVD disc or ISO files
  • Built-in editing tools: Trim, Crop, Watermark, Rotate, Video Effects
  • Customize DVD menu, add background music, type menu title, etc
Windows Version

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Mac Version

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How to Burn DVDs with iOrgSoft DVD Maker

Step 1Install and Add Videos to DVD Maker

Download, install and launch the DVD Maker, and then please insert an available DVD disc. Next is to import the videos that you want to burn to DVD. To import videos, you can either click the "File>Import" menu or "+" icon.

Note: When you import videos, please pay attention to the video length and the Disc capacity.
add File and Set Output

Step 2Customize Imported Videos and DVD Menu

After importing videos, you can do some simple editing work on them. You can click the scissors icon next to the imported video thumbnail to enter the Trim window to extract certain parts from the video to burn to DVD. To click the pencil icon, you'll reach more editing tools including cropping, rotating, adding watermark, 3D effect, special film effect, and more.

And then you can choose DVD menu template from the "Customize DVD menu" menu. There are 3 styles of DVD templates-LifeSeries, CartoonSeries, and NatureSeries. If you chose one, you will find there is a tool icon on it. Click it and then you can enter a window where you are able to change the template background, add background music, and change button and frame style.

Set Output

Step 3Start Burning

Click "Burn" to enter the setting tab to get ready to burn DVD. Please type the DVD label, choose destination, choose to burn to ISO or DVD, decide to use template or not, choose aspect ratio of DVD, set TV Standard (PAL or NTSC).

Note: When you don't have a blank DVD disc inserted, you can choose to burn ISO files. In addition, if you don't want to use DVD menu template, you can choose "No Template". Or it'll by default choose the first one for you.
Set Output
Windows Version

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Mac Version

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