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iOrgsoft Windows Phone 7 Video Converter released with Windows phone 7 preview.

It's been a long road, hasn't it? Well, in some respects, it hasn't -- in fact, it's only been about two years since development of Windows Phone 7 as we know it today kicked off -- but when you consider that this product will be replacing Windows mobile 6 that puts things in proper perspective. Nowadays, it's a very different game; eight year-olds have access to mobile email, your phone understands German, and "Yelp" is a verb (okay, actually Yelp is a verb). Indeed, mobile devices are the new PCs -- and companies like Apple and Google are dominating an industry that had once been practically handed to Microsoft on a silver platter. No one -- either inside or outside of Redmond -- is arguing that change isn't desperately (and quickly) needed, because it simply isn't enough to dominate the desktop anymore.

video to windows phone 7 convert play

In light of all that, you could call Windows Phone 7 a desperation move to become relevant in the pocket again. Call it whatever you like, but regardless, brand loyalty isn't going to save this product -- it simply has to be good to sell. Scratch that; it actually has to be nearly flawless in a world where iOS 4 and Gingerbread play. Microsoft still has a few months before it intends to get the first volley of Windows Phone 7-based products to the marketplace, but we've recently been provided with reference hardware -- a not-for-retail Samsung called "Taylor" that's closely modeled on the Symbian-based i8910HD -- to get a feel for where they're at as the clock ticks down. Is this shaping up to be a killer platform for the next generation of high-end smartphones? And more importantly, can it win customers?

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Windows Version

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People of these who need to play videos on Windows Phone will iOrgsoft windows phone 7 video converter for Mac that can convert almost every video file format such as avi, wmv, mpeg-4, mov, dv, flash video, flv, mpg, 3gp, mkv, avchd, m2ts, mts, mod, tod to Windows phone 7 for a Mac

iOrgsoft Windows Phone 7 video converter for Mac helps you convert video and transfer video to Windows 7 for smooth playback with best visual quality, the program allows batch convert your video collections and do video editing to cut off unwated parts, join video into one, you can also convert video file to audio like mp3, wav, aiff for Windows phone 7.

How to convert play video on Windows phone 7 using iOrgsoft Windows Phone 7 video converter for Mac OSX?

First, please Free Download this iOrgsoft Windows Phone 7 video converter for Mac , install and run it. And then follow the steps below:

Step1. Click "File" in menu list or "Add" button, you can load videos from your computer hard drvie

video to windows phone 7 convert play

Step2. You can select avi, mp4 or wmv format from the categorized output formats list in "Profile" drop-down list and specify the output directory to save your converted files in "Output" drop-down list.

video to windows phone 7 convert play

Step3. The last step will be conversion. Click "Start" button, and all the tasks will be done. During the whole conversion, you can have a clear idea of the conversion process such as converted length and time in the "Converting" window popped up.

video to windows phone 7 convert play

That's it. Now, you have already convert video to Windows phone 7-friendly format, and then you can play any videos on it now
If you are Windows user using Windows 7, Vista, Xp or windows 2000, don't worry, iorgsoft has the Windows phone Video converter for Windows version available on stock, you need to free download the windows phone 7 video converter to your PC and convert your video to avi, mp4 or wmv then play on your phone.

Windows Phone 7 video converter for Windows

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