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GE Camera Converter for Mac

How to convert and edit MOV footages from GE camera/camcorder with GE Camera Converter

GE digital camera or camcorder records the QuickTime version of motion JPEG videos and save them as MOV usually with a .mov file extension. MOV is considered to be a Mac friendly format, that's is, normally MOV footages from a GE handycam can be played on QuickTime, edited with iMovie, or burned to DVD with iDVD.

However, the Mac friendly MOV format is not so welcomed by Windows, no default video playing or editing software can do with the MOV files. To play the GE camcorder MOV clips on Windows, you will have to installed a Windows version QuickTime. Or your another choice is to convert MOV to WMV/AVI, as WMV/AVI is loved by Widnows. After converting MOV to WMV/AVI, you are able to play the GE footages with Windows Medial Player or edit them with Windows (Live) Movie Maker, even burn them to DVD with Windows DVD Maker on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista.

GE Camera Converter Windows is the right software for you to meet above requirement. With GE Camera Converter Windows installed on your PC, you also can convert and edit MOV to ASF, MP4, MPEG, FLV, SWF, 3GP, MKV, etc for uploading on line or playback in portable devices iPad, iPhone, Gphone, mobile phone, etc.

For Mac users, there is Mac GE Camera Converter to convert and modify the MOV clips on Mac OS X. Sometimes, you may desire to upload certain segment of the MOV recordings to video share website Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, then Mac GE Camera Converter is your toolkit to crop, clip, and edit the raw GE MOV videos and then save them as your required format, say FLV.

Step by step to show you how to convert and edit GE MOV videos with Mac GE Camera Converter on Mac OS X.

Not: This tutorial of Mac GE Camera Converter can be the reference of GE Camera Converter Windows.

To begin the GE converting and editing, you should download and launch program GE Camera Converter for Mac on your Mac laptop.

Mac Version

Secure Download

Windows Version

Secure Download


Load GE MOV videos to program on clicking Add File.

add ge mov


Select a target format say WMV from the output format option menu when click Profile.

output ge mov


Clip or crop the GE MOV video when click Clip to enter the clip window, while press Edit to shift to the edit window.

clip edit ge mov


Start converting GE MOV when hit the large green button.

convert ge mov

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