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differences between MP4 and MP3 format

File Extension MP4 MP3
File Type MPEG-4 Video File MP3 Audio File
Description MP4, sometimes known as MPEG -4 AVC, is a container format, allowing a combination of audio, video, subtitles and still images to be held in the one single file. It also allows for advanced content such as 3D graphics, menus and user interactivity. It is commonly used for sharing video files on the Internet. MP3, which is an audio encoding format. It is one of the most popular audio compression and decompression (codec) format today because of its ability to put music into manageable files, thus making downloading over the internet easy. MP3 has had a great impact on the history of music.
Developed by Moving Picture Experts Group Moving Picture Experts Group
Difference 1) MP4 is both a video and an audio format;
2) MP4 can handle audio, video, text and image;
1) MP3 is only an audio format;
2) MP3 can only handle audio;
Help You Choose If you're making videos, you want to play videos anywhere, or you want to share videos online, MP4 is the best format you should choose. If you are dealing with audios, or you want to listen to your music without any limitations, then you should apply MP3 format.
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