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AMV File Format

AMV is a proprietary video file format, produced for MP4 players, as well as S1 MP3 players with video playback.

File Format Description

A file with the AMV file extension is an MTV Movie file. There are now two different MTV formats: the older one for the Actions chip, and a newer one for ALi's M5661 chip. This format for ALi one was ALIAVI.

The container is a modified version of AVI. The video format is a variant of Motion JPEG, with fixed rather than variable quantization tables. The audio format is a variant of IMA ADPCM, where the first 8 bytes of each frame are origin (16 bits), index (16 bits) and number of encoded 16-bit samples (32 bits); all known AMV files run sound at 22050 samples/second.

How to Play AMV Videos

AMV format is popular on anime-sharing sites, but it is not supported by most media players and devices. If you'd like to play videos in .amv format, you need to use a video player that accept the format, or simply convert AMV to other popular format beforehand. Know More>>

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