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Android Phone

Android phone refers to the phone that uses Android operation system. Currently, most popular smartphone including the Samsung Galaxy S series and HTC One, etc are using Android OS.

Introduction of Android Phone

Android is originally means "robot", also now the name of mobile operating system announced by Google on November 5, 2007. It is based on Linux system, consists of operating system, middleware, user interface and application software. Android is the first truly open and complete mobile software for mobile terminals. The Latest version is Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

Android phones refer to the mobile phones that use Android system, do not include Nokia phones with Symbian system and iPhone with iOS system. Android is opener than Symbian, and has more software than Symbian as well, much playable than Symbian; Android's market share has surpassed Symbian.

Android Phones' Advantages

1. Open Source
In the dominant side, the first is its openness of Android platform; open platform allows any mobile terminal manufacturers to join the Android alliance. Remarkable openness can make it win more developers. With increasingly users and applications joining, a new platform has matured.M

Openness can help Android accumulate popularity. The popularity here includes consumers and manufacturers. And to consumers, the biggest benefit is rich software resources.
Open platform will bring fiercer competition; therefore, consumers can purchase their favorite phones at lower price.

2. Get rid of the shackles of carriers
a long time In the past, especially in Europe and America, cell phone use is often constrained by the operator, using what feature access and what network, almost all controlled by the operator. Since the iPhone came to the market, users can easily connect to the network, controlled less by operators. With EDGE, HSDPA 2G to 3G mobile networks gradual transition and upgrade, the phone to connect to network is not a joke.

3. The rich hardware selection
Partly due to the openness of the Android platform, many vendors will launch strange, functional android phones. Functional differences and characteristics do not affect the data synchronization, and even software compatibility.

4. Do not be restricted by developers
Android platform provides a very broad, free environment to the third-party developers. Therefore Android will not be affected by kinds of obstruction, many novel and unique software will be born. But also it has its both sides, bloody, violent, erotic aspects also exist on the program and how to control such programs is one of the problems left to Android.

Android History

android versions

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