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Canon DSLR Camera

DSLR, short for Digital Single Lens Reflex, its sensor is always CCD or CMOS. Compared with the common SLR cameras, DSLR cameras have a larger sensor, so the color and brightness are better.

Not All Canon DSLR Cameras are High-end Products

Canon DSLR in the past is indeed a "professional" and "luxury" sign, the user group is small. However, in recent years with the brand DSLR prices constantly dropping down, entry-level DSLR already stepped down, and became small, civilization, its popularity is inevitable.

2006 was a year of full-blown DSLR war. Throughout the year, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic collective appliance manufacturers to enter the three traditional DSLR market, and Olympus, Nikon, Pentax such traditional manufacturers came up with their latest low-priced products to deal with, on the one hand intensified competition in the product, it also greatly enriched the range of consumer choice, and the entry-level DSLR prices further fell to freezing point, although the high-end DSLR products priced up to tens of thousands dollars, entry-level DSLR kit at $100, the price is not a high-end.

Canon DSLR Key Features

1. Excellent image quality is a lot of consumers first DSLR reason. The sensor in DSLR is much larger than that in consumer-level cameras, so, the pixel density is greatly reduced, in latitude, resolution power and high sensitivity, DSLR is far better.

2. DSLR shutter is purely mechanical shutter or electronic-controlled mechanical shutter, shutter lag is very short, imaging immediately after pressing the shutter. DSLR boot speed of only a few hundred milliseconds, capable of snapping multiple photos.

3. DSLR capture scenes though sensor, looks very bright, what you can see in the sensor is you will take. The transparent light makes focus more easily observed.

4. DSLR lens can be replaced. The consumer-grade camera lens cannot, and is much worse.

5. DSLR has a lot of manual functions. DSLR manual zoom can be easily manually set the shooting parameters, etc., can make some special shooting.

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