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Canon EOS Camera

Canon EOS series is launched in 1987 as a series of Single Lens Reflex camera and its supporting systems. EOS is short for "Electro Optical System".

About Canon EOS Camera

The first EOS camera was EOS 650, which was released on the Canon EOS fiftieth anniversary of the establishment (March 1, 1987). Later, the digital single-lens reflex camera gradually replaced film SLR cameras. In 2000, Canon introduced the EOS D30, which is the first digital SLR camera in Canon EOS series.

Canon in 1987 released the first EOS series SLR EOS 650, which used film. 1990, Canon began to develop cooperation with Kodak making digital SLR camera body. In 1995, the two companies launched the first digital SLR camera EOS CS 3. In 2000, Canon's first independently-designed and -manufactured digital SLR camera EOS D30 was released

Some Features

By tracking eye movements, with eye-controlled focusing (ECF), Canon EOS series SLR cameras can choose the direction of the user's eyes observe to automatically focus. This type of technology is quite helpful in shooting the fast-moving target situations (such as sports photography), but this function is not preferred by all, some users said in general use, eye glasses usually interfere with the normal operation of the focus control.

Only early EOS film SLRs was equipped with eye-controlled focus, Canon does not continue this feature in its digital series.

Rapid control knob
Most EOS SLR cameras equip a fast control knob in the machine's back. By rotating the knob, you can call out many commonly used options, such as aperture, shutter speed, exposure compensation and so on. However, some functions require a specific mode or in conjunction with other buttons needed.

Multi-point AF system
High-end EOS cameras (such as the Canon EOS-1D X and Canon EOS 5D Mark III) supports up to 61 AF points, which is better than the high-end Nikon camera (has 51 AF points)in the same level camera. This increases the opportunities to capture fast moving objects, such as sports photography, bird photography. Currently, the auto-focus system performance continues to improve.

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