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Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo frame displays digital photos instead of paper photos. It usually directly plugs into the camera's memory card to display photos, of course, more digital photo frame will provide internal storage space to access external memory card.


Digital photo frame is a picture frame, but it no longer needs to put photos in, instead, it displays photos via an LCD screen display. It allows you to read the photos in SD or other cards, and set the display mode.


1. Digital Photo Frame can display digital photos directly without printing the photos.
2. It uses the traditional ordinary picture frame's appearance, replacing the middle part with an LCD display, powered by electricity to display photos. Meanwhile, it can playback many different photos.
3. Can display (play) as many as one thousand photos depends on your storage medium's space.
4. Some special digital photo frame can play MP4, MP3, download photos from internet, and play e-book. Different types of digital photo frame for the different needs of people with more choices.


Digital Photo Frame is a stylish consumer electronic product, now has become an essential household decorations. Inherited the digital photo frame fashion and warmth, uses are very extensive. For example, it can be used as business gifts, holiday gifts, souvenirs, exhibition, welfare prizes, modern furniture, wedding photography, automotive, digital photographic equipment, portable personalized accessory and so on. With the popularity of digital photo frame, there will certainly be more and more interesting creative applications to bring a lot of fun to our dull life

Available as a fine art frame and the photo frame placed at the counter desk; can also be used as murals, but also be used as a dynamic and static advertisement machine.

Suitable for families, a variety of elegant places such as shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, leisure centers, bars, cafes, corridors, etc.

Without the use of computers, without flushing print, digital photos can be stored in a digital photo frame to displa.y Use simple, direct pull out the SD card from your digital camera and insert into the digital photo frame to view.y Digital Photo Frame can not only play photos, but can also play MP3 at the same time, play movies.

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