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F4V File Format

Mainstream video sites begin to use F4V files which are encoded with H264 codec. In the same file size, H264 F4V file is significantly clearer than the On2 VP6 and H263-encoded FLV. Some videos published are F4V, however, when they are downloaded, they are saved with extension .flv, which is also a characteristic of F4V.

File Format Description

As a result of H264 HD encoding, compared with traditional FLV, in the same volume, F4V can achieve higher resolution and higher bit rate. With the development of network and video websites, as well as more critical demand for videos, F4V has been replacing FLV, distributed on larger video sites, and become the main stream media format. However, due to the emerging of F4V, the standard used by different sites differs, which determine the F4V's weak compatibility. What people need to know is that F4V and MP4 are compatible format, which both belong to ISMAMP4 container, but F4V is only used to pack H.264 video and AAC audio. FLV is Adobe's proprietary format, but can also be used to encapsulate H.264 video encoding, AAC audio encoding or H.263 video encoding, MP3 audio encoding. Therefore, we cannot regard .flv videos are not H.264 F4V; in fact, many videos with .flv extension in the internet are higher definition F4V.

How to Play F4V

At the beginning when F4V came out, due to the special encoding and are not often compatible with all major media players, but comes to the high-definition era, as a smaller, clearer format that is more conducive to the spread of the network, F4V has gradually replaced the traditional FLV, also been compatible with most mainstream players , without going through the complex ways such as conversion. If you have not installed F4V appropriate player software on your computer, you can directly change the file name extension to FLV, and then use the player which supports FLV to play F4V. This method does not affect the clarity of the video and bit rate at all. Know More>>

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