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Adobe Flash, formerly known as Macromedia Flash, or Flash, formerly FutureSplash, refers both to the Adobe Flash Professional multimedia authoring program and to the Adobe Flash Player. Since Macromedia's on December 3, 2005 the company was acquired by Adobe, Flash has become Adobe's software. November 9, 2011, Adobe announced to stop developing Flash exclusively for PC, and focus on the development of generic markup language HTML5.


1. The widely used in Internet web vector animation file format.
2. Generated video which is using vector graphics occupies less storage.
3. Videos created by Flash have their own special file format (swf)
4. The company claims that 97% of the web browsers in the world have built-in Flash Player (Flash Player)
5. Is Adobe 's platform to achieve "Rich Internet Application" (RIA) concept
6. Flash 6 later versions incorporate object-oriented programming concept. Compared with other languages , either in the database, XML, PHP and other platforms, applications can be further combined with each other.
7. From users' experience point of view, it is the best front-end technology .
8. (2013) Compared with HTML5, due to the fast development, cost and time consideration, Adobe Flash is still the first choice for companies to develop the games.

File formats

Shockwave Flash, a complete video file that cannot be edited. Sometimes pronounced "swiff" or "swaif". When publish SWF, users can choose to protect it, if not, it is easy for someone else entered into the source file.

Flash's source file, only can be opened and edited in Adobe Flash.

Abbreviation for ActionScript, is a programming language simple text file. FLA files can include directly ActionScript, but it can also save it as an external AS file as linking file ( such as the definition ActionScript type must be written in AS file, then import to adding type ) to facilitate joint work and the more advanced changes in procedures .

Short for Flash Video, FLV stream media format is a video format, it effectively solve the problem when video file is imported to Flash, the exported SWF file is too bulky and cannot be used effectively on the network.

The executable file when export Flash. if we want to send Flash animation to someone else, we should save it as an executable file. Executable file has its own player, but the file will be very large.

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