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Compress Standard: MPEG-1

Video file compressed using the MPEG-1 codec; may include both audio and video, though the audio track may use a separate type of compression; can be opened and played back by most media players.

What is MPEG-1?

MPEG-1, also known with the file extension of .mpg, is a compressive standard for video and audio format. It was used specially in CD disc. It was become as an international standard officially by the end of 1992. Its output quality is nearly the same as a traditional VCR, i.e. with the resolution of 352x240 and certain bitrates of 1.15Mbps. It's just too low in quality and because of that, the Video CD, which uses MPEG-1 as its core tech, couldn't make a hit in developed countries.

Layers of MPEG-1

Generally speaking, there are 3 generations of MPEG-1, and simply known as MP1, MP2, MP3.

MPEG-1 Layer1, or MP1, is mainly used in Digital Compact Cassette (DCC).
MPEG-1 Layer2, or MP2, is now widely used in Digital Television, CD-ROM, CD-I, and VCD.
MPEG-1 Layer3, or MP3, the best known layer for us, is now used in audio encoding.

These three generations of MPEG-1 output the same quality with different compressive rate. And the compressive rate of the later generation would be faster than its predecessor.

How to play MPEG-1 on mobile devices?

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