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Compress Standard: MPEG-2

Video file encoded using the MPEG-2 codec, which is used for DVD video and digital TV broadcasts; significantly reduces the size of the video data by using lossy audio and video compression.

What is MPEG-2?

This is another standard for video and audio that was set up in 1994. This time, it's for Digital-TV-used, that is, it aims to provide the advanced industrial standard for image and higher transmission rate. And because of this, MPEG is born for DVD as well.

MPEG-2 is brilliant and now it is widely used to offer broadcasting-level digital video for broadcasting, cable television network, cable network, and direct broadcast satellite, etc.

In the system of NTSC, MPEG-2 can present the resolution up to 720x486. As for its excellent performance, MPEG-2 has killed its next standard, MPEG-3, the standard for HDTV. That is to say, now MPEG-2 is used in HDTV and does a really good job in it.

What are the Features of MPEG-2?

Generally speaking, we can talk about its features mainly in two aspects, video and audio. Videos: high definition of 720x486 (NTSC), high image quality. Audios: MPEG-2 is able to offer right, middle, left, and two surrounded audio tracks, as well as a Bassy audio track, which are all contributed to the marvelous audio effects.

Besides, MPEG-2 provides a rather wide range of compressive ratio to change. And as a result, this standard is able to suite for the different requests due to different image quality, storage, and bandwidth.

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