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How to merge multiple MP4 files into single one

 How Can You Merge Multiple MP4 Files into Single One

MP4 is the most commonly used format to store digital videos/audios, which can be easily found every corner wherever on line or offline. Besides, most video clips shot by mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, DC/DV, and other kinds of cell phones are mainly used MP4 format.

However, because of the small size, many of the videos that used MP4 format are divided into several parts. Isn’t it disappointing if you download some TV episodes or movies from the Internet but they were cut into several small pieces? What if you took some video clips during your vacation trip and you want to share them to your friends all in one? In cases like these, you will need a MP4 joiner to help you merge them together.

In the software market today, there are numerous freeware can help you do this, but seldom can they do it easily meanwhile perfectly. Here, I strongly recommend you to use iOrgsoft MP4 Joiner to help. iOrgsoft MP4 Joiner is an easy-to-use software that can help you easily and perfectly merge/join/mix MP4 files together. In addition, it can do more than simply joining videos. (Click here to know more functions about iOrgsoft MP4 Joiner)

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Download iOrgsoft MP4 Joiner and install in to your computer, then you can merge the MP4 files together within steps:


Add MP4 Files

Run the program and load MP4 files from your disk or other devices by hitting “Add videos” icon. You can add several files at one time.

Add mp4 video Files


Join MP4 Files

Drag the added MP4 files onto the video column in the Timeline one by one. Click “preview” and you can see that these videos are now playing as a single video without a gap.

Add transition (optional): the default operation will not add anything to your video, but if you want to add transitions to make it fancier, you can hit “add transition” and drag the slider to choose the transition effects from 3 major types: slide, fade, and 3D, and then add them onto the timeline between 2 video files. Note: we recommend you to zoom in or zoom out to make it clearer for you to edit.

Add transition to mp4


Export Joined MP4

Click “Export” button on the right bottom of the panel, and choose the format and output path you preferred to merge the videos into one.

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