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How to Flip Video with iMovie

You may wonder why you need to flip a video; after all, once you have shot your footage, all you need is to add some special effects, sound, and the project is good for publishing. This is not always the case; there are effects that a professional videographer will tell you make your video have greater impact. For example, if you are taking a video of an interview, or someone speaking into the camera, it is stronger to have the person standing to the right of the screen; you can see this effect used by reporters of most major new networks on TV.

Part I: Why Would You Need to Flip Video?

Part II: How to Flip Video in iMovie?

Part III: Flip Video Using iMovie Alternatives

Part I: Why Would You Need to Flip Video?

As mentioned above, some positions will make your video have more impact; the reason for the subject to stand to the right is because we read from left to right, and having the person on the right is stronger. Similarly, if the video is panning, it is better for the pan motion to move from left to right.

Another reason why you may need to flip your video is due to errors in importing, or shooting the video. You may import video from a phone and find that it is upside down; you will have to flip the video for it to make any sense to the viewer.

Part II: How to Flip Video in iMovie?

In iMovie, you cannot flip the original file, but you can do so on the timeline, as a special effect. Here is how:

1) Go to the timeline of the project and select that clip that you want to flip.
2)Move the cursor over the clip in the viewer, and a tool will appear above it.
3)When you click on the gears, you will get a drop-down menu appearing; click on the Clip Adjustments feature.
4)An inspector window will appear, and you should first click on None, which will be positioned next to the Video Effect feature.
5)You can then click on Flip, and the video will be flipped in the orientation that you choose. The inspector window will appear again, but now instead of None, you will see Flip, showing next to the Video Effect feature.
6)Click on the done button in order to complete the flipping.

Note: Dos and Don'ts: DO NOT use the rotation method unless you want to flip the video vertically. If you want to flip the video horizontally, then you must use the method mentioned above.

Part III: Flip Video Using iMovie Alternatives

1. Flipping Video Using the iOrgSoft Video Editor for Mac

1) Start off by creating a new project and then importing the clips that you want to use.
2) select and drag the clip that you want to flip to the timeline.
3) Go to click the crop icon and then an edit window appears above. Don't crop if you don't want to crop. You will see two pair of arrows which indicate whether you should flip the video vertically or horizontally. Use them to flip videos.
4) Click on the desired arrows button and watch as the video is flipped.

Note: The buttons on the tool bar also include those for rotating the video; if you want to flip video, you need to use the flip buttons and not the rotate buttons. The rotate buttons will change the positioning of the characters when you flip the video vertically, or through 180 degrees, and they will never be able to flip the video horizontally.
crop video

2. Use iOrgSoft Video Converter for Mac

iOrgSoft provides another program with "Flip" feature. It is Video Converter for Mac. Mainly, it is a video converter that is able to convert one video or audio to another video or audio format which is easier and more convenient to play on different applications and devices. It supports almost all kinds of video and audio types. Except video converter, it is also equipped with additional features including video editing and video downloading. Cropping is included.

Following is the simple step by step guide to show you how to do cropping with it.

1)Select and add the video files that you want to convert by clicking on the "Add Files" button
2)Select the output format from the "Profile" menu and settings for both audio and video from the "Settings"
3)Click on the "Edit" button on the top menu and select "crop" feature
4)Click on the "crop" option and find two pairs of arrows which show whether you should flip the video vertically or horizontally; Click "Done" when completes
5)Start the conversion by hitting the big Start button


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