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iMovie for Mac VS iMovie for iOS

iMovie for Mac is a key software editing application from Apple and has grown tremendously in popularity. One of the key features for this program is ability to import videos right from an external device. You will realize how easy it is because you will have it calm arranging the files on the program's timeline as well as preview and edit. That is one great reason why many video editors have opted to use iMovie for Mac at the expense of other programs. A clean and easy-to-use interface is the second feature that makes iMovie for Mac the best for movie editing. Adding files that include images, audio and video is just as simple as dragging to the timeline and they will be visible on the bottom pane.

There are multiple editing effects like themes and effects which you will consider using for your movie. You will have the freedom of choice so be sure to settle for the best. The preview feature is the most important when it comes to editing because you can see what you have already worked on. That way, it becomes very easy to know when mistakes have been committed or when there are errors. This feature ensures that the edited work is free from any flaws and meets your required standards. There are many import and export file formats supported by iMovie for Mac.

For the import formats, there is MPEG-4 which is for still images, audio and video; MOV for text, video and audio; MPEG-2, AVCHD for videos and DV&HDV which is good for storing video files. The export formats include DV and AIC which are very compatible and offer high quality output, MOV for both audio and video, JPEG that is ideal for still images and video files while AAC is good for different types of files. The very first version of iMovie for Mac came into the market in 1999 which was Mac OS 8 and was bundled with iMac DV. Many other versions have been designed to satisfy varying editing needs and they include iMovie HD 5, HD 6, iMovie 08, iMovie 09, iMovie 10.0 and iMovie 11.

The price of iMovie for Mac will vary from one site and country to another but the price range is not big enough to discourage you. Make sure you have remained keen enough on your considerations all the time.

What is iMovie for iOS?

If you are short of editing software program choices then iMovie for iOS will do you the favor. It has very advanced features that you will never get in any other program. There are video effects as well as innovative audio tools that will only help to enhance your editing proficiency. This is the right program for people trying out video editing as rookies. Its interface is very easy to navigate and iMovie for iOS is available at a cheap price of as low as $4.99 but that will vary from one country to another. The fresh design makes accessibility an easy thing with iMovie for iOS thus a worthy download to have.

Trailers are another important feature that you can look up for in iMovie for iOS because it offers a completely new way of showcasing files. It has incredible audios and graphics with up to fourteen themes to choose one from. There is the sharing feature and it will be easy to share your files through many platforms namely Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, iMovie Theater and AirDrop among many others. Import formats supported include MOV, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, AVCHD and DV&HDV. For the export formats, iMovie for iOS supports AAC, JPEG, MOV, DV and AIC.

What's the Difference between iMovie for Mac and iMovie for iOS?

Most of the file formats supported by iMovie apply to both Mac and iOS. The only difference comes in when dealing with video, audio and still images. For instance, the formats supporting video in Mac might be supporting still images in iOS and vice versa. The speed at which clips are viewed differs deeply as it is faster in iOS than in Mac. iOS is also good in recording slow-motion videos than Mac while its audio options are more than what Mac can offer. On the other hand, Mac is very precise and effective in color correction over iOS while effects and adjustments for Mac are all in a single place as compared to iOS which are scattered.

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