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Take screenshot on HTC HD7

How to take screenshot on HTC HD7 Windows Phone?

HTC HD7 (T-Mobile), It is among the first of the WP7 phones on the market, with a giant screen and plenty of features. Now let's have a look at the HTC HD7 running Windows Phone 7.

First Look
The first thing anyone notices about this phone is the large screen. The screen measures 4.3" which seems gigantic when compared to say, the iPhone 4′s which is only 3.5". This makes things like playing games and watching videos rather nice.
htc hd7

Basic Functions of HTC HD7

When you look at the basic functions, Windows Phone 7 does them well. Tapping on the phone icon brings up your call history, and gives you icons for your voicemail, dialer and contact list. While in a call you have nice big buttons for speaker, mute, hold and add call. If you want to bring up the number pad again, you'll need to tap a smaller button to bring it up.

Messaging is very simplistic, which seems to be a theme here. Conversations are broken up into contacts, which are listed by the date/time of the most recent message in each. Once in a conversation, each message is listed in its own chat bubble, much as you would expect.

One very basic function that you will not find on this device is copy & paste. This is appalling. You would think with the amount of flak Apple caught for it on the iPhone, Microsoft would have this feature in from the start. It's supposed to be coming in an update which looks to be hitting next month sometime, but that still doesn't get rid of the bad taste its current absence leaves in my mouth.

Something else simple that is nowhere to be found is the ability to take screenshots. This feature would come in handy in a variety of situations, especially when trying to do a phone review. After much research, there is currently no way whatsoever to take a screenshot unless you are running the phone's software on an emulator on your computer.

Because of the ability to take screenshots, here simple step by step to guide you to take screenshot on HTC HD7 Windows Phone

Step1: Start your application in the emulator and navigate to the page you want to capture.

Step2: Open the Snipping Tool.

Step3: Click the arrow next to the New button and then click Window Snip.
When you click Window Snip, and then move your mouse around the screen, a red rectangle highlights the different windows on the screen.

Step4: Move your mouse over the emulator until a red rectangle highlights only the application screen (not the entire phone) and then click.The screenshot is made and opens in the Snipping Tool.

Step5: On the File menu, click Save As.

Step6: In the Save as type list, click Portable Network Graphic file (PNG).
Choose the location and File name that you want and then click Save.

Step7: In Windows Explorer, browse to your screenshot and select it.
Confirm that the screen shot type is PNG image and that the Dimensions are 480 x 800 pixels.

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