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Camera is a great tool in our daily life, with it, we can record every memorable moments in our life. On Christmas, we can record all the activities on that day to keep the precious memory or to share with others. To do these tasks, AVCHD Video Converter is a great helper. It can convert all the camcorder videos including AVCHD MTS/M2TS, H.264 MOV, MXF, and more to common videos like MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, etc.

DVD Solution

To backup videos, DVD is the best solution. By burning videos to DVD, you do not need to worry about the movie loss due to system crashes, hard drive crashes and other risks. Here, iOrgsoft DVD Maker can help you burn all kinds of movies including the camcorder videos to DVD with excellent video quality. If you have recorded some Christmas videos, why not burn them to DVD right now?

Something about Christmas

Who is Santa Claus

In different languages, Santa Claus has a different name, but all these names refer to St. Nicholas, the person who was born many centuries ago in the 4th century (born c 245 AD, and died c350 AD, various sources list various dates) in Lycia, Anatolia, a province on the southwest coast of Asia Minor (present day Turkey). A seaport Patara was his hometown. After he travelled to Myra, he became a bishop of the church there.

For years, Santa Claus has been considered a person who gives presents on the night of December 24. The legend says, on that night, a mysterious man rides a sleigh pulled by 12 reindeers and enters into people’s house through the chimney door by door, and then secretly put presents to the good children’s stockings under the bed or piles the presets under the Christmas tree. No one has ever seen Santa Claus, but people usually dress up as wearing red Christmas hat, big white beard, a red coat, wearing red boots look to distribute gifts on Christmas Eve, people call him "Santa Claus”.

Why do people give gifts at Christmas?

  • This custom has many roots. St. Nicholas was an anonymous benefactor. The Magi gave gifts to Jesus, and the Romans gave gifts during their holiday that coincided with this period. Various days are used:
  • December 6th - in memory of St. Nicholas
  • December 24th - Christmas Eve
  • December 25th - Christmas day, the birth of Jesus
  • January 1st - New Year's Day
  • January 6th - Christmas day for some churches, the Magi/three wise men

What is Christmas Tree?

  • Modern Christmas tree originated in Germany, then gradually became popular worldwide, and becomes one of the most famous traditions. People usually get an evergreen plant such as pine into the house or outdoors around the Christmas, and use Christmas lights and colorful ornaments decoration. And put an angel or star on top of the tree.

What is a Christmas Card?

  • A Christmas card is a greeting card often sent by mail or electronic mail (email) to express Christmas goodwill and cheer. Almost all English-speaking countries following this tradition as do many other countries. John Callcott Horsley is credited with designing the first card in 1843. It was introduced to the United States in the 1870s
  • How to Make Your Videos Flash E-card
  • Get some funny or special videos and want to make them flash-e-card for your friends or relatives? It can be very easy to achieve here. iOrgsoft offers a tool named AMV Converter to your to convert your own videos to AMV, which is one of the falsh e-card file format. After conversion, you can sent them to your beloved people.
  • Concise guide here:
  • Step 1. Add your videos to the Converter
  • Step 2. Choose AMV as output format
  • Step 3. Convert videos to AMV
  • For details, visit:

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