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Edit AVCHD, M2TS, MTS, TRP, TP, TS files

How to edit AVCHD, MTS, M2TS files freely on Windows 7, vista, xp?

I recently purchased a very nice Sony HDR-SR10 for Christmas. The one problem is that I cant find an Video editor which supports AVCHD format and that allow clean (NOT CHOPPY!) playback footage. I have tried several editing freeware but the playback footage is too choppy and it loses a lot of frames. Please recommend me one powerful software that costs around $20-30, thanks!

Well, the following softwares that I have tried before:

I'm well aware Final Cut Pro is a good choice, but I only have a mac laptop and don't want to install Final Cut on a laptop...

The iMovie I have on my laptop, I think is version 8.0 and it handles AVCHD format, but it doesn't have any special effects!! The older versions have effects, but can't handle the quality of my AVCHD camera...

Sony Vegas 10 works, but when played in the view editor, the video feed turns laggy and the frame goes really slow, so it plays for like 2 second, then it stops and plays, then repeats this process...

So I need a good movie editor that can handle AVCHD format, I'm using Windows Vista and this computer isn't laggy at all, my budget is around 700 dollars, but prefer the cheaper ones.

Windows Version

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Mac Version

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What is the best movie editor for my situation!? -- I have a converter, but using the converter is my last option.

After long google search, finally I find one software AVCHD Video Editor, I try download the free trial and found that the editing quality amazing, It supports import and convert AVCHD video to the right video format these free or share video editor compatible with. And it also can edit avchd video from Canon, Sony, Panasonic, JVC camcorders through crop, trim, split, join, clip, set output parameter, apply effect, snapshot, rotate, merge etc freely to customize your own favorite videos on Windows 7, vista, xp.

Step by step edit AVCHD video using AVCHD editing software.


Download avchd editing software, then Add avchd files


Trim/Clip/Split AVCHD files.

Click "Clip", then Drag the triangle to set the movie length, or set the start and end time to get your favorite segment, click plus sign, can split avchd video to several parts.

Tip:if you like to merge or join your several avchd files into one, just click"merge into one".

Crop and apply effect

Click "Edit", Crop is default, you can set aspect ratio (the top, bottom, right, left length of the black side), or just choose 4:3, 16:9, full screen, or original.

Click"Effect", can adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation; special effect: gray, emboss, old film etc


Set output parameter

Just Click "Setting", can set Resolution, Frame Rate, Encoder and Bitrate of video, Sample Rate, Channel, Encoder and Bitrate of Audio.


Snapshot, rotate etc just try by your self.

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