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Create a blank book in iPhoto'11

How to Create a Blank Book in iPhoto'11?

The new iPhoto'11 looks amazing—and that's a great thing for software that helps you get the most out of your photos. But it's more than just a pretty face, letting you actually do some pretty amazing things with all those pixels.

The new full-screen views, enhanced Facebook integration, and other new or improved features give me opportunities to be more creative. I'll be able to share photos with family and friends in ways I wasn't able to before and I cannot wait to get started. New features include:

  1. 1. Full screen mode
  2. 2. A direct link to Facebook for posting comments and pictures
  3. 3. New slideshow templates
  4. 4. New book designs
  5. 5. Enhanced templates for emailing photos
  6. 6. Letterpress Cards for sending to family and friends
  7. In previous versions of iPhoto'11, you could choose to create a new book, calendar, or other photo project would give you a blank project (unless you had photos selected at the time which would then be added to the project). But iPhoto'11 removed that feature and you can no longer create a blank book. While there are many new layout options for books, I could no longer create a new blank book. Any book I create now has to have at least one photo in it.

    Here are a few work-around to that problem to create a blank book in iPhone'11.

    Step1: When you have iPhoto'11 open, click on "Photos" in the Library on the left hand side.

    Step2: To get started, click the "Create" button in the lower right corner of the iPhoto toolbar. Choose "Book" from the pop-up menu that opens.
    start book

    Step3: Add photos to your book projects you only have to drag and drop the photos from your iPhoto library to the book's icon in the panel on the left. You can also select the photos you want in the book and click the "Share" button and choose "Books" and the book you want to add the photos to.

    Step4: Click the "Photos" button at the bottom of the screen while working on the book. Next click the "Empty Pages" button to make all of the pages blank and free for you to fill your way.
    create empty book

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