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How to Rotate Video with iMovie and iMovie Alternatives

In all video editing packages, it is important that you have the ability to rotate video. "Rotate video" is a very basic but helpful and useful feature. As a professional video editor, Apple iMovie of course owns the video rotating feature too. But the newbie probably don't know where to get it in iMovie. It doesn't matter. In this article, you'll learn how to rotate video in iMovie. Additionally, there are other applications recommended to you for video rotating use if you don't use iMovie.

Part I: Why Need to Rotate Video?

Part II: How to Rotate Video in iMovie?

Part III: Rotate Video Using iOrgSoft Video Editor for Mac

Part IV: Rotate Video with QuickTime

Part I: Why Need to Rotate Video?

As mentioned above, there are various reasons why you may need to rotate video in iMovie.

Wrong orientation – You may have been taking a video on your camcorder, and then tilted the shot a little bit; perhaps you were glancing away at something and inadvertently tilted the video, and you do not want to cut this section away. When editing using iMovie, you can correct this tilt by rotating the video.

Adding Special Effects – When you watch an action movie, you may find that some of the scenes are tilted for greater impact. You may want to incorporate this in some sections of the video. Once again, iMovie will allow you to do this with ease.


Part II: How to Rotate Video in iMovie?

1) In the project timeline, you select the video clip that you would like to rotate.

2) Once selected, go to the toolbar at the top and click on the Adjust button. In the viewer, an adjustment bar will appear just above the clip that you want to rotate.

3) Now look for the cropping controls in the adjustment bar, and then click on the Cropping tool.

4) You will see arrows which show rotations to the left and to the right; counterclockwise and clockwise. Click on these buttons until you get the desired orientation.

5) Once you are happy with the result, you can click on the apply button which is to the right of the cropping tools.

6) If you get second thoughts about the adjustment, you can use the Reset button and then try it all over again.


Part III: Rotate Video Using iOrgSoft Video Editor for Mac

iOrgSoft Video Editor for Mac is one of the best alternatives to iMovie.

Mainly key features:

Step by step guide on rotating video:

1. Open the program and you'll see the "select files to Import" instruction. Follow it to load desired videos.

2. Drag the add file to the timeline for further editing. Click on the crop icon that appears on the bar above the video timeline after you drag the video to the timeline.

3. After clicking on the crop icon, a new window is open and you can crop, rotate, flip, and select aspect ratio there. Click on the Rotate Clockwise button and the Rotate Counterclockwise button to get the rotation that you require. The effect will be added and when you export the video, the part you selected will be rotated as desired.


Part IV: Rotate Video with QuickTime

Apple QuickTime Pro is a flexible and powerful video presentation and editing tool. It is primarily used for showing and streaming QuickTime movies, but it also allows you to make some minor adjustments to your videos. It lets you trim, split, combine or paste, rearrange, rotate or flip clips. So, if you just want to apply some basic video effects like video rotating to your video, QuickTime can just do it for you easily.

1. Open QuickTime Pro and then open the video clip that you would like to rotate.

2. Click Window and then go to the Show Properties tab

3. Go to the Visual Settings tab and then use the arrows to rotate or flip your video clockwise or anticlockwise.

4. After getting the right rotation, you should export the new video clip under a new name.


There is no reason why you should not have great videos to share, when you have the programs mentioned above. You can now let people view your videos in a correct orientation, and give the production more impact through professional editing applications such as those in this article.


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