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PDF vs. Flash Paper .Why should you converting into Flash or SWF format

Macromedia's current range of products are truly great -- they have products for multimedia presentations, web site management, animation and authoring tools and of course graphics tools. Of all their latest product releases FlashPaper proves to be the most interesting new technology.

FlashPaper encapsulates a lot of the concepts and features that we have grown to love with PDF. However I wanted to know more and find out the nitty gritty to really see how they compare and see what potential FlashPaper could have.

The following advantages of Adobe Flash? formats will show the reason why this is the best choice for presentation sharing for training and business networks:

Greater Accessibility

According to Adobe.com, "More than 1,800 vendors worldwide offer PDF-based solutions including creation, plug-in, consulting, training, and support tools."

Flash files are more accessible: Most of the Internet browsers included a Flash PlugIn which enables access to Flash files for displaying converted Office documents.

More Readability

Regardless of the application used to create them, PDF files can look the same as the original format. If you scan a paper into PDF, it will look exactly the same like the paper. However, the readability of PDF is not always awesome. Opening a PDF document On PC or Mac OS and zooming in for better reading will have your text go outside your screen. You have to scroll in order to read the entire text.

Flash Paper is totally different. It is designed for easily readable vivid 3D page flipping experience for you and optimized 3D effect to present a physical paper magazine, formed 3D animated page flip and folding effect, and sound effect, feels like a real existing page flip book in your screen.

Reduced Files Size
Flash files are high compressed and therefore they were the preferred medium for Internet streaming or file sharing. A Flash version of your Office document could be a mere 10% of its original size.

File Type Size
contributors guide. pdf PDF 1,606kb
contributors_guide. swf FP 1,168kb
admin_guide.pdf PDF 1,195kb
admin_guide.swf FP 706kb


if you have Adobe Reader installed on your PC or Mac OS, reading PDF is not a problem.

While Flash files is different, it is by use of streaming technology enables online viewing of the presentation without download of any file. stream downloading subsequent pages while reading is an ideal solution.

Each format has its own advantages and disadvantages. Readers and publishers need a connection between Adobe Acrobat PDF and Adobe Macromedia FlashPaper . For example, If you want to create meaningful Office documents in your Office Suite and converting PDF to Flash format for easy sharing in e-learning and business. PDF to Flash format conversion is necessary, Flash is widely supported by most of the Internet browsers included a Flash PlugIn , however, PDF is still the most popular eBook format all over the world, if you want to enjoy reading PDF with Vivid 3D effect, you should definitely read this: How to convert PDF to Flash

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