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Gphone, as the first Google Android OS-based smartphone, was warmly welcomed. It was formally known as the G-1 and made by HTC.

Application Description

T-Mobile G1, also known as the HTC Dream or the Google Phone (GPhone) is the first mobile to be launched in the market that will use the Android platform.

GPhone positives:
• Have a Keyboard.
• Removable battery.
• Expandable memory.
• Cheaper. Phone $179 vs. Apple $199
• Equally slick software.
• Better "desktop."
• Higher-res camera.
• Much easier to make telephone calls. Imagine that.
• Key features that Apple bizarrely still omits: cut-and-paste, MMS
• Ability to legally unlock and go to another carrier (with fat fee)
• Longer-lasting battery. A whole day.
• Slightly longer talk time. (5 hours, 19 minutes more)
• Wicked cool compass that orients you on map.

GPhone downsides:
• Chunky brick. 20% heavier, 30% thicker.
• Puny memory. 1 gig, one eighth of iPhone.
• Only 128 mg memory for third-party apps.
• Too much lock-in with Google services (contacts, calendar)
• No Microsoft Exchange support
• Can't sync with PC or Mac
• Overall, interface inferior (no two-finger zoom magic)
• No onscreen keyboard, so have to use bulky external keyboard.
• Weak music player, no video player
• T-Mobile network coverage sucks.

Problem You Might Have

If you like watching videos on mobile phones, you might have trouble playing videos downloaded from YouTube, Dailymotion, etc or videos shot by your camcorders on Gphone due to video incompatible issues. To solve this kind of playback problem, the easiest way is to convert videos to Gphone supported video formats.

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