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How to Crop a Video in iMovie on Mac (Mavericks included)

At times when you are taking shots on a camcorder, you may include items or characters that you would not want to appear in the final production; there may be an unsightly part of the image that you would liker to clip off; this is where cropping comes in. Cropping video is when you select an area to be removed so the video is cleaner. Apart from removing parts that you do not want, you can crop videos to bring focus on a character or prop/item. Another reason why you need the crop feature is when you are joining videos that have different aspect ratios; you crop the bigger video to fit well with the smaller one.

Part I: How to Crop a Video in Apple iMovie

Part II: Crop Videos with iOrgSoft Video Editor for Mac

Part I: How to Crop a Video in Apple iMovie

When you are making an iMovie project and find the video clips not fit into your iMovie movie project exactly, you can decide to crop the video clips to make it fit within your movie's aspect ratio. Here is how to do it.

  • Open you project in Apple iMovie and then arrange the clips as you want them to appear on the timeline.
  • Go to the timeline and select the clip that you want to crop.
  • Go to the toolbar and click on the Adjust button.
  • There is the universal crop button displayed on the toolbar: click on it.
  • A box will appear on the viewer, with thick corners. Click on the corners in order to encompass the area that you want to retain. NOTE: the area within the boundaries is the one that will be retained in your project.
  • Once satisfied, click on the apply button on the right side of the cropping tools.
  • You can use the reset button to go back if you are not happy with the results; now you can try again.

Part II: Crop Videos with iOrgSoft Video Editor for Mac

The iOrgSoft Video Editor for Mac is a resourceful video editor which can edit, trim, and convert several video formats so it can be used for video projects on the Macintosh. It is created to integrate seamlessly with other editors such as Apple iMovie. The features of the editor are so vast. The most surprised one is it supports a large amount of video and audio types. Anyway, the feature we are talking about here is cropping. Following is the step by step tutorial of cropping using the iOrgSoft Video Editor for Mac

  • Load the video clips into your project in iOrgSoft Video Editor for Mac by clicking the "add file" icon.
  • Drag the added video to the video section on the project timeline.
  • Hit the universal crop button at the menu bar above the timeline. The cropping viewer appears. You will get a border which you can drag to define the area that you want to be retained in the video.
  • In addition, on the "crop" section, there are also rotate and flip button. If you need to rotate a video from iPhone, you'll appreciate for this. And it also allows you to set the aspect ratio in this crop section.
  • So, if you Once done, you can continue editing your video for the final output.

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