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Import Kodak Zi8 video to windows movie maker

How do you transfer videos from Kodak zi8 to WMM?

Kodak zi8 camera and Windows Movie Maker

It took a few college tries, but Kodak's line of pocket handycam now officially blows Pure Digital's wildly popular Flip series out of the water. Inside and out, the Zi8 is brimming with upgrades (1080p) and little touches (a legit microphone jack!) that set a new standard for this class of cheap cams.

I got to play with the Kodak HD zi8 this weekend and was impressed with the quality of the video. However,there is a big drawback that this kodak zi8 HD records in .mov so you can't edit this filetype in Windows Movie Maker without converting to a different format like avi,wmv.

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Question1: the zi8 kodak camera and Windows movie maker

so I have a camera, a kodak zi8, but for some reason its not letting me copy the movie files to windows movie maker :( it says error every time. why is it doing this ? and wtf is a codec? (ps I dont think I need it)

Question2: Getting Windows Movie Maker to Import Kodak Zi8 mov Video Files

I've got a Zi8 and it saves in quicktime, and Windows Movie Maker doesn't like quicktime at all. The software that comes with the Zi8 is ok, but not great. Anyone know of a slick way to go fromzi8 kodak to Windows Movie Maker?

Yeah, Kodak screwed the pooch on windows support - but there's a perfect way to fix their shortcomings.

I have been searching for weeks for a guide on how to use the kodak Zi8 files with Windows Movie Maker. My suggestion is to download kodak Zi8 to Windows Movie Maker converter. It's got a batch processing feature for you. Simply adjust your output format to avi format(I strongly recommend for use in windows movie maker) and convert, then you can get high quality avi files and have a smooth edit in Windows Movie Maker(solves the audio and video out of sync issues).

Kodak video to Windows Movie Maker converter is an unparalleled video conversion tool. It ensures that Kodak video camera users can convert Kodak video (Kodak Zi8, Kodak Zi6, Kodak Zx1, Kodak PLAYSPORT) to AVI, WMV, MPG for importing/editing Kodak video into Windows Movie Maker,getting windows movie maker to import kodak videos,import/transfer kodak zi8 video into windows movie maker.

Kodak zi8 video to Windows Movie Maker Converter allows you to transcode/convert between general video formats like avi, wmv, mp4, dv, mpg/mpeg, mkv, flv, swf, etc.

Features of Kodak zi8 video to Windows Movie Maker Converter

1: Adjust Aspect ratio
Original, full screen, 4:3 or 16:9

2: Select various output formats
Select AVI for edit Kodak video in windows movie maker,sony vegas,premiere cs4/elements
Select FLV for upload Kodak video to YouTube
Select SWF for embedding to website, blog
Select MP4 for putting onto iTunes, iPod, iPhone
Select DV for iMovie, Final Cut Pro

How to import/convert/edit/transcode Kodak zi8 mov video to Windows Movie Maker with Kodak to Windows Movie Maker Converter?

Step1: Free download Kodak Video to Windows Movie Maker Converter on your PC.

Step2: Click "Add files" to add Kodak .MOV video.

Convert/import/transfer Kodak Zi8 video to windows movie maker

Step 3: Choose "AVI" for output format and set output folder.

Convert/import/transfer Kodak Zi8 video to windows movie maker

Step 4: Click "Start" to convert Kodak .MOV video to AVI that Windows Movie Maker can work with.

Convert/import/transfer Kodak Zi8 video to windows movie maker

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