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How to convert MPG to AMV?

You may want to watch a wonderful MPG video on your portable Chinese MP4/MP3 player, but unforturately, the video can not be played on your player. The player alike usually support only AMV files. So, is there a simple way to import the mpg video and enjoy it with your portable player on the go?

Don't be upset. iOrgsoft MPG to AMV Converter can help you solve the problems above. iOrgsoft MPG to AMV Converter is an easy-to-use software, it can convert all MPG video to AMV videojust with a few mouse clicks.

You might be annoyed by the commercials from your movie and want to cut it out , or there are black sides you want to remove, but don't know how to deal with it.

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iOrgsoft MPG to AMV Converter has simple-to-use editing capacity, you are allowed to crop the black sides, trim video, set video brightness,contrast,saturation.and even merge files into one fileSometimes, With so many functions available, iOrgsoft MPG to AMV Converter is definitely your ideal choice.Welcome to download the free trial version to convert mpg to amv.

How to convert MPEG-1, MPEG-2 .mpg to amv for AMV players?


Download and install iOrgsoft MPG to AMV Converter


Run the iOrgsoft MPG to AMV Converter and input your MPG video file

Click "Add" Button and input a video you would like to convert.

MPG to AMV Converter


Edit the video(optional)

You can customize your video by cropping/trimming and adjusting effect
A.Click the "Crop" button, you will see a frame in white points around the movie video; you can drag it to adjust size.You can even type the number in the zoom,Left. Right,Top and Bottom box to crop frame size.

MPG to AMV Converter

B.click the "Effect" button to customize the brightness, contrast, saturation. You can even select an effect from drop-down list to apply special effects such as "Emboss", "No effect", "Old film" and "Gray"as you wish
C. If you only want to convert a part of the video, you can click "Trim" button to go to the Trim panel to set the start time and End time for your clip.
D.Snapshot the pictures
iOrgsoft MPG to AMV Converter enables you to play your video files in preview window before conversion and take a snapshot if you like certain video screen images when previewing.

MPG to AMV Converter


Set up the conversion parameters

Click the 'Settings' button to set the video parameters such as resolution, frame Rate. to get a high-resolution video, you can select a proper figure in the Resolution box depending on the size of the dots that make up the image. to watch smoother playback, you can select 10fps/12fps/16fps in the frame box.(Frame rate is the measurement of the frequency (rate) at which an imaging device produces unique consecutive images which often is expressed in frames per second (FPS), The higher the number of frames playing per second, the smoother the video playback appears to the user. )


Set output format and select a proper path to save your output file

Select "AMV-Advanced Media Video(*.amv)" beside AMV/MVV in the "profiles" box. and select a location for the output video file in the "output" box.

MPG to AMV Converter


Convert the MPG format to AMV

Choose MPG files you want to convert and A click on "Start" button can convert the format.You can choose to shut down your computer or open the output folder after conversion, so you don't have to sit before your computer, waiting for the conversion to finish.

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