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How to use Mac Flip video to Blackberry converter to transcode?

Information about Blackberry
BlackBerry is a line of mobile e-mail and smartphone devices developed and designed by Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM) since 1996,which supports push e-mail, mobile telephone, text messaging, Internet faxing, Web browsing and other wireless information services. It also functions as a portable media player with support for music and video playback and camera picture and video capabilities. It is an example of a convergent device.
The common Blackberry series include: Blackberry Pearl, Blackberry Curve, Blackberry Bold and Blackberry Storm which supports AVI, MP4, WMV, 3GP formats when importing video files.

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However many Blackberry fans are likely to find that there are few video or video formats available for Blackberry to support. Especially when you do have some wonderful flip video files and want to enjoy them on your phone on the go, but the avi or mp4 in your flip videos are not compatible with the phone. So here comes to the importance of a third-party converter to do the transcoding job. Transcoding refers to the conversion of audio and video files from one audio or video format to another audio or video format.

How to use Mac Flip video to Blackberry converter to transcode?

Mac Flip video to Blackberry converter is a professional software meant to convert flip video to Blackberry MP4 Series (MP4), Blackberry Storm Series (MP4), Blackberry 8100 (AVI), Blackberry 8130 (AVI), Blackberry WMV Series (WMV) and Blackberry 3GP-AAC Series (3GP).

Install the Mac Flip Video to Blackberry converter and follow the program instructions to convert the audio or video file to a format that the Blackberry smartphone supports. Following tables is examples for optimal settings in the media application.

Optimal settings for the media application on the BlackBerry Pearl 8100 series smartphones.

Video settings Audio settings
Video format: MPEG-4 Video format: MPEG-4
Video file extension: .avi Video file extension: .avi
Resolution (4:3): 240x180 Resolution (4:3): 240x180
Resolution (16:9): 240x135 Resolution (16:9): 240x135
Video bitrate: 400 Kbps Video bitrate: 400 Kbps
Frames per second: 24 Frames per second: 24
Note: Different Blackberry type have different resolution, Encoder, Bitrate, you can set these parameters in Mac Flip Video to Blackberry converter to get the best output quality.

Functions of Mac Flip video to Blackberry converter
1. built-in edit function
Crop: Cut off black borders and unnecessary segments
Trim: split time length video segments
Add effects: add Brightness, Saturation, Contrast, Old film, Emboss and Gray
Take snapshots: capture favored images
Merge files: join several video files into one
Settings: you can set the resolution or bitrate by clicking the settings option.

2. transfer to some other popular formats
It can convert flip videos to FLV for uploading to YouTube, flip video to MOV for enjoying on QuickTime, flip video to MPEG-4 for playing on iTunes, flip video to AVI for Wii and flip video to 3GP for Palm Treo/Centro. You can extract audios from flip videos and save them as MP3, AAC, FLAC, M4A, MKA, AIFF, WMA formats for playback.

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