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Demand: iPhone 4G vs. iPad

Apple has smartphones beat with its iPhone - many have tried to rival it, but none have come close yet. Now Apple is hoping to be able to repeat that success with its latest product the iPad – Then,  will they be successful?

Since the iPhone launched in 2007 it has come under constant bombardment, and the new iPad tablet device will come under the same attack. However, Phones Review suggest that its biggest enemy will not be from other upcoming tablets devices but rather something a little closer to home - the iPhone 4G.

We reported the other day that the iPad will be released on April 3; the rest of the world should follow about one month later. That will give the device at least a 3-4 month head start as the new iPhone 4G is rumored to be launching around the July period.

There have also been rumors that the price of the iPhone 4G will be lower than previous models - this could be bad news for the iPad. You do have the choice to save money and go for the non-3G option -the lack of tethering support with the iPhone could deter consumers from this.

Do you think there is more demand for the Apple iPhone 4G or the iPad? There are different comments from users:

VortecV8: "Personally I think The iPhone 4G will be more successful. Because to me, the iPad is just a giant iPhone minus the phone features. Oh wait... Apple made something like that. It's called the iPod Touch. But don't get me wrong. Th iPad looks amazing. I just think the 4G will be more successful."

drexy: I agree, they will both be popular but the iphone 4g will almost certanly come out top! Tethering aside im sure Apple will think of some other reasons to buy both. Maybe tethering will be ppossible with 4g?!
I will be waiting to get my hands on the ipad for sure to try it but would probably blindly preorder a 4g if i could.

Jay: "Let's just put it like this...i do not have at&t, but yet, i'm excited about the iphone 4g. I could buy the iPad when it comes out but it's pointless when I have the combination of a smartphone, laptop AND a ipod touch whenever I take important trips."

Aussie: "i reckon that the ipad will replace the ipod touch and anyone who wanted an itouch will have to buy an iphone instead. But i still think that the iphone 4g will be more successful."

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