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How to use iOrgsoft mpg to mpeg-4 converter for Mac to import mpg to iMovie

iMovie will not import .mpg movie files from my sony digicam so i need to convert mpg to .mpeg-4 using iOrgsoft mpg to mpeg-4 converter for Mac (in Snow leopard )

I have just recently got my macbook pro, & one of the things I wanted to do with it is make movies, so I copied from my external hard drive to the mac hard drive the .mpg movie files my sony still/point & shoot digicam takes. I then open up imovie & go to file import, & find the folder with my movie files on the macs hard drive & they are grayed out, imovie cannot import them

IMovie only imports MPEG-4, MOV and DV files. MOV and mp4 are very close, DV comes in several flavors. I have found iOrgsoft mpg to mpeg-4 converter for Mac can convert my MPG files to mpeg-4 and imovie can see it now. why not choose DV, because after many tests I just found the DV file format become larger that the orginal mpg and take too much space, but If i convert mpg to Mpeg4 using iOrgsoft mpg to mpeg-4 converter for Mac, it is clear to see the space use is reasonable and the movies are sharp.

Mac Version

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Windows Version

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iOrgsoft mpg to mpeg-4 converter for Mac also supports 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, depends on your requirement, also you can convert mpg to dv or mov if you have enough space on your hard drive.

iOrgsoft mpg to mpeg-4 converter for Mac can edit mpg movie files by cutting off unwanted clips, join movie into one project.

I often find there are useless frames in my mpg movie clips, when I need to remove them off, I just find iorgsoft mpg to mpeg-4 converter for Mac can cut out, crop and merge video clip very handy and suitable to for me, no computer skill is needed.

Also the converted mpeg-4 from mpg can be transferred to iPhone, ipod or ipad, what's more I can extract audio from mpg file and convert mpg video to audio like mp3, aac, ac3, aiff, amr.

How to use iOrgsoft mpg to mpeg-4 converter for Mac to import mpg to iMovie and transfer mpg to iPod, iPhone , iPad? Please check step by step guide below:


Download and install mpg to mp4 converter for mac

At the time you download the software, you have been enpowered with a simple yet powerful tool to explore the more things you never done before.
Make sure you get the latest version, and feel free to load a file to evaluate and make comment. you gonna to like it soon.


Run the program and load video or auido files

Don't be shy to take out you video or auido collection, just load them as more as you can, the batch conversion features will handle it with ease.
Please click Add File...to load files, the file info will be listed soon and select a output format that you wish to be.

Mac MPG to MP4 Converter


Further video editing setting

Relax, you gonna to use your judgement and sense of art at this part. want the output video to be more artistic effect? click Setting...button.
a. crop video
This is the first stop you gonna do, you may hate the blacsides or subtitle in the frame of you video, fine, just use crop to cut them off. the white-dotted line will tell you how much you want it to go.

Mac MPG to MP4 Converter

b. trim video
Use trim you gonna to decide a specific part in the clip that will be converted, slowly drag the siders and stop at a location to select the range, easy ans fun.

Mac MPG to MP4 Converter

c. effect and special effect setting
Here you can tune values that related to brightness, contrast, saturation and the special effect selection will statisfy with your more requirements.

Mac MPG to MP4 Converter


Start conversion

After all the things being taken care, you'd better check again if the destination output path, the output video format are all right. then hit start...button to convert mpg to mp4, the resulting video will be soonly generated.

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