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Got some 3GP videos on your mobile phones? Want to playback them on other media players or upload to share with friends? iOrgSoft 3GP Video Converter helps you to convert 3GP files to popular video formats such as MP4, AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, FLV etc. Meawhile, it can convert any video format to 3GP, too.

  • Convert 3GP to other video format, and vice versa
  • Extract audio files from videos and save in MP3, M4A, AMR, etc
  • Download videos from common video sharing websites
  • Equipped with the simple yet helpful editing tools to customize videos
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Why Convert 3GP to Other Formats?

Having some funny 3GP videos either form 3GP supported video websites or from others' mobile phones? And want to play them on your QuickTime, or edit them in iMovie or Final Cut Pro before import them to iPad (iPad Air, iPad Mini, etc) for viewing? Then it's necessary to convert 3GP to a more compatible format before you can do that. iOrgSoft 3PG Video Converter is designed to help you out.

3PG to MOV If you have tried to imported 3GP files into iMovie for editing, you would notice that iMovie seems not to understand 3GP. In this case, you'd better at first change 3GP format to iMovie best supported MOV format.
3GP to MP4 If you got some 3GP videos from others and want to play them on your mobile phone which doesn't support 3GP format but MP4 unfortunately, you need to convert 3GP to MP4 before you can play them on your device.
3GP to iPhone Since 3GP format does not work with iPhone (iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone4, etc), you need to convert those 3GP files to iPhone recognizable formats like MP4, MOV, M4V, etc first.
3GP to FLV Though 3GP can be supported by some video sharing websites, it is not as friendly and widely spread as FLV to the internet. So, when you suffer trouble during upload 3GP, you might as well convert it to FLV first.

Why Convert Videos to 3GP?

The video resources we can get are various, so the video formats could be different as well. Unfortunately, mobile phone only can support limited video format. Sometimes even widely supported video format like MP4 can't be playbed by some smartphones. This will bother many mobile phone users. Luckily, most of the mobile phone supports 3GP format. If your mobile phone supports 3GP, you can convert videos to 3GP.

MP4 to 3GP Mac Though MP4 is widely supported by many portable devices and apps, since MP4 differ in video codec, some MP4 videos might fail to play on some mobiles which also support 3GP. In this case, you need to convert MP4 to 3GP.
MTS to 3GP If you want to play your MTS fils on your 3G mobile phone, you'll encounter great trouble since MTS is not accetped well. To solve this problem, you can convert MTS to 3GP format with professional 3GP Video Converter.
VOB to 3GP When you plan to play your VOB files on your mobile phone, you'll notice that it can't directly play them due to incompatible issue. To convert VOB to 3GP can be an easy way out. Most mobile phones reads 3GP now.
MOV to 3GP Nowadays people view videos on their mobile phones often. And 3GP video format is widely used in mobile phones. So, if you want to watch MOV files like MOV videos from Kodak camera, you can consider converting MOV to 3GP.

How to Use iOrgSoft 3GP Video Converter?

Step 1Download and Launch the 3GP Video Converter

Please feel free and safe to download, install and launch the 3GP Video Converter which is absolutely clean and safe.

After you install and launch the program, you'll be asked to register the program now or to order now or order later. If you've purchase a license code, please register. If you haven't bought the product and just download to have a free trial, you can click "Order Later" to enter the main interface.

Note: Please check the OS compatibility before you click to download.

MPEG Converter

Step 2Add Files and Select Output Formats

After you open the program, you can head to the "Add Files" to choose and import the desired media files. Or you can directly drag & drop files to this program. Because this program supports batch conversion, you can import several files at one time.

After finishing adding files, you can choose to merge them into one or not. If you would like make them play as a continuous one, please check the "Merge" box.

And then, please move to "Profile" to choose proper output format. You can either choose from "Common video" or select according to the portable device or app that you want to use to play the file.

Add file and Set Output

Step 3Edit Imported Media File

Before exporting the converting media files, if you want to make your converted file more attractive and stylish, you can choose to edit them with the built in editing tools.

You are allowed to get only several targeted parts of the whole file converted instead of converting the entire one. To do so, you can use the tool-"Trim".

You can split the whole file into smaller pieces by splitting it. Please hit the "Split" to make it.

You can resize or zoom the video by the tool "Crop", and also you can rotate your video by any degrees and in any direction in Crop tab.

To adjust your video effect or add special artistic effect to it, please come to the "Effect" tab to make it.

To protect your copy right, you can add watermark to it in the form of image or text type.

Besides, you are enable to convert 2D to 3D with 3D effects or to add audio and video fade in and fade out effects.


Step 4Begin Conversion

When everything is done, you just need to hit "Convert" icon button to let this converter to do the rest thing for you. If your files are too large, it would take you a longer while to get the converted files. After all, how long the conversion would take depends on many facts including video length, resolution, and your computer performance as well.

After it is completed, there will be a pop-up to ask you open the folder to play the files or not.

Note: Output path is changeable. You can choose another location to save your files from "Save to" if needed before conversion. Just make sure the location has enough room for the converted files.

Windows Version

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Mac Version

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