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Is Mackeeper Safe or a Malware?

What is Mackeeper

According to Mackeeper official sites, Mackeeper is "an essential tool for your Mac. It's an easy way to manage routine tasks and keep your Mac secured, clean and running fast!". With this tool, people can clean up the discs, recover data and files, find and backup files, keep the Mac away from virus, thefts, and do more for the Mac.

Is Mackeeper safe? Is Mackeeper scam

Definitely not. It has gained a bad reputation on the internet. Many users keep telling others not using this app, the list below will show you the main reasons why people complain Mackeeper malware.

Annoying pop-ups keep advertising no matter whether you have purchased;
Hard to uninstall though the Mackeeper itself claimed an Uninstaller;
Installs hidden files in your system;
Slow down your computer rather than speed up;

See some Mackeeper comments on the post Is Mackeeper Safe to use on Apple community and the more on Cultofmac.com

Mac Version

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Windows Version

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Safer alternative apps to replace Mackeeper's functions

If you do not want to use Makeeper but cannot find an alternative, below is the list of alternatives to replace parts of the Mackeeper's functions.

Encryption: The Mac's built-in FileVault technology enables you to encrypt your documents without spending any money. Here is the tutorial

File Backup: Time Machine can do this job. Since Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), Macs have built in Time Machine. This app can automatically backup your files on Mac, including accounts, preferences, email messages, photos, songs, movies,applications, and documents.

File recovery: Backup can make this job unnecessary, however, you may delete some files by accident, you will need to get them back. In this case, you need some professional apps, here is a suggestion: iOrgsoft Data Recovery for Mac

Cleanup: In most conditions, Macs do not need cleanup. Cleaning is only needed when the hard drive is running out of space or too many cache files on the Mac causing running slowly. If these are the cases, you can use free software like Onyx or commercial software like CleanMyMac.

Duplicates Finder: dupeGuru is a nice tool to find duplicates on your Mac, in addition, it is totally free if you do not donate to the site.

Uninstaller: Most applications can be easily removed on Mac by dragging to the Trash or using Command+Delete on your keyboard. If there are some apps hard to remove, refer: AppCleaner.

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